10 Words / Terms that Devalue a Resume / CV
10 Words / Terms that Devalue a Resume / CV

Mostly people do not get good jobs because of their resume and CV. As people usually do not have idea that how to make CV and which things should be avoid in resume. Resume or CV does not mean to make others happy or sad. It is all about your skill but few people try to make it attractive more than informative. They use long phrases, idioms, and dead words that make their resume a worst one. You must know the types of resume / CV, critical parts of resume / CV, difference between resume / CV and avoid the following words / terms while making resume / CV.

Words / Terms that Devalue a Resume / CV

Do not use word Salary: Always avoid using word salary and your salary demands, as it will spoil your whole personality. Others will perceive worst image of yours from this. People whom you are sending your CV know more about their packages and demand as compare to you. Moreover, it also shows your lack of interest in that job or work.

Do not use word Reference: Do not write the word reference in your resume as it make worst image of yours. So always, try to avoid unnecessary things in your CV or resume. You need to be attentive while making your CV as unwanted words and idioms can make your resume nastiest.

Avoid using word responsible: Responsible word really look odd so do not use such terms in your CV. This word normally look that you have did something wrong. CV is base of your personality so make sure not to do such mistakes.

Word or Term Experience: Experience shows that you faced something in past so always avoid using word experience. Always write about your experience by using word achievements and success.

Other or extra skills: Always try to use word other achievements instead of using word other skills, or problem solving capabilities. It also shows your courageous and talented personality. Moreover, shows that you are passionate about your future and word.

Avoid using term Hardworking: Never use term hardworking as it shows that you are trying to impose this reality on others. It is obvious that for job interviewers look for passionate and hardworking people so there is no use of this term in resume.

Further information: Further information is not required in CV or resume. If they will appoint you then they will definitely ask you about more details about your qualification or about yourself.

Do not write word objective: Avoid using word objective in your resume. Try to use word career instead of it. Objectives show that you are seeking that job only as you are not much interested in it. Your first aim is to get that specific job.

Player of particular team: It is important to write about your extra skills but do not write that you were player of any team or you were captain. It really look awkward in resume so be careful about it. Moreover, if you have some team of people whom you worked usually then this should not be mentioned. Few organizations do not like to work in a team base environment. So be cognizant about these things.

Do not write we in your resume: If you are talking about your achievements then always use I instead of We. Such mistakes spoil your resume so be careful as it demolish your whole career. Use good and simple vocabulary in your resume instead of extra ordinary English.