Career can be defined as profession or job that is selected by the people. The way of education has been changed in a tremendous way and similarly the choice of career is also changed. There are many bodies which are working on career counseling and the career is selected on the basis of your interest by these bodies. Many professional experts are available for this work and they guide the people in choice of their career. While selecting career the major concern or problematic area is selecting the right career.  And if this selection is not done properly then you will be wasting your skills and talent.

As there are many career opportunities available to the people. Following is the list of career career moves that are worth more than an MBA.

  1. Personal Business

There are certain pre requisite for establishing business. These pre requisite include investment, unique idea, executing plan and many management skills which include management etc. There are number of advantages in establishing business as it improves the life style of the owner and you don’t have to obey any person. So it is a better option.

  1. Develop Communication skills

Interpersonal skills play an important role in our lives. But when you are talking about a business man these skills are even more important. The person should have strong communication skills in order to convince the client to buy the product. On the other side if the person is unable to convey his message in the right way he will be doomed to failure. So he/she should be competent enough to sell his artifact just by communication.

  1. Coding

Nowadays much of the work is done on computer rather than human. Burden on human is reduced and much of the work is done by the computers. As the whole system is automated the risk of failure, redundancy, updates, maintaining is reduced too much. There is list of all the functional requirements that is met by the software that is built for particular software. And the work is done in no time.

  1. Teamwork

This is very important skill. The person should know about the project managers, functional managers and branch manager. A friendly relationship should be maintained between the owner and other persons. The owner should act like a leader not like a boss. And the leader is understanding, cooperative, team leader, polite and friendly. It is evident from past experiences that the person whose acts like a leader has a successful career rather than a boss.

  1. Marketing

The way of advertisements and throwing something into the market is also very important. The announcement should be conducted in such a way that the person who is watching the ad of the product considers it worth buying.

  1. Multilanguage

When you are able to communicate in more than languages this gives you an advantage. You will be given preference on other business persons. Due to this reason you will be able to expand the organization on international level.


Career planning should be done before in order to keep ourselves on right path. Career planning saves our time. The above mentioned are the career that are more important than MBA, what do you say about it?