Abu Nasr Muhammad Al –Farabi Scientist of Music
Abu Nasr Muhammad Al –Farabi Scientist of Music

Biography of Abu Nasr Muhammad Al –Farabi

Abu Nasr Muhammad Al –Farabi scientist of music was a Muslim scientist. He was considered as the most intellectual scientist of Muslim history. He was very much expert in translating the books of old Greek intellectuals e.g. Plato and Aristotle and brought those to Muslims. Many Muslim scientists were influenced by his work later e.g. Avicenna.  He did a tremendous job by translating the doctrines of Greek world to Muslims.

Early Life

Al – Farabi was born in 870 and he got his school education from farab and Bukhara. Later on, he went to Baghdad for higher studies and there he learned many languages. Farabi worked and studied for a long duration in Baghdad and worked in many branches e.g. philosophy, medicine, sociology and science. He has the rank of an encyclopedia in fields of philosophy, sociology and science.


As we know, philosophy was a major field and every field was considered a part of it e.g. science, sociology, psychology and other social sciences but Al –Farabi was the first person who separated the philosophy from other fields specially theology. He was a strong believer in God who believed that God is the only one who created this universe and he believed in mortality of humans. Al –Farabi worked for political science also. He worked in a manner that he described the duties of a ruler to his state and duties of a nation to their state. He proposed many political theories and set the political theories according to rules of Islam.

Inventor of Music

Al –Farabi wrote a book with the title of ihsa ul –uloom which clearly describes his beliefs according to Islam and his theories. He wrote many books about sociology which clearly tells the origin of society and its evolution. He has also written a book for music named a kitab ul musiqa which was about Persian music. Later on, this book was introduced in Europe with the name of Arab music. He invented many instruments about music and he was a good musician too. It is said that he was such a musician that whenever he played his instrument he could make people laugh or cry as he wanted. Another important scientific work of Al –Farabi was that he made a music therapy to treat people running different diseases.


Al –Farabi is considered as the most well known Muslim scientist of all the times and he made many works in almost every field. He is still remembered and acknowledged for his marvelous works in different fields. When he was 80 years of age, he died in Damascus in 950 A. D.