Akinfiy Nikitich Demidov Inventor of Rebar
Akinfiy Nikitich Demidov Inventor of Rebar

Biography of Akinfiy Nikitich Demidov

Early Life

Akinfiy Nikitich Demidov inventor of Rebar was a well known inventor and industrials of Steel industry. He was a Russian from descent and was a king of the field. He was born in the year of 1678 and his place of birth was as Tula which is located in Russia which was known as Russian Federation at that times. His father’s name was Nikita Demidov and it was either by luck or it was seriously his fortune that his father’s business started progressing two folds a day and four folds a night. This was the reason, his father and whole of his family always considered as a fortune baby for their family and this thing remained to be considered as right for whole life.

King of Steel

His father had a well running industry of steel which was on a very shorter scale and its production was not as much to compete with the big giants of the field. This thing captured the attention and concentration of young Nikitich and he raised the same point in front of his father. His father was unable to give any answer but his experienced eyes had seen that his son will take his business to the leading businesses of the Russian Federation. After very short education, he started working in the industry of his father and soon brought it to the level of other industries and it used to be considered as the one of the greatest dynasties of the Russia at that time.

Steel Industry

He started his practical work to make the industries in the year of 1717 and till the year of 1735, he had started nine new steel munitions and foundries just in the time duration of 18 years. This number of 9 had reached the score of 25 till his death in the year of 1745.

Inventor of Rebar

With being a great industrialist, he is also considered as a very good inventor of the field. Reason of his very successful business is just the same thing, that he never left his work alone on his workers and used to work by him in the site area of the factory. This work and experience led him to be the inventor of Rebar which can be said as a specific shape of steel.


Rebar is also known by two other names which are as reinforcement steel and reinforcing steel. The important function of rebar is that it is used normally as a tension device because it is in the form of a steel bar of often as a mesh of steel wires. It is used to reinforce the masonry structures used in construction and hence for strengthening the work quality.


He died in the year of 1745 on August 5. He was almost 67 years of age at the time of his death.