Alan Turing Inventor of Turing Machine
Alan Turing Inventor of Turing Machine

Biography of Alan Matheson Turing

Early Life

Alan Matheson Turing Inventor of Turing Machine is said to be the pioneer of fields of computer science and mathematics. He was such a legend that it is said about him that he was born before his time. He was a British by nationality and made tremendous works in mathematics. He was born on 23 June, 1912 in Maida Vale, London, England. His major fields of contribution were computer science, mathematics, cryptanalysis and logics. He is considered the father of computer science and artificial intelligence.


In the days of Second World War, he was working secretly for government cryptanalysis. Later on, after that, he worked as a lead counselor. On the other hand, he was trying to invent a digital computer or such a machine which could think and about he was working in national physics laboratory. He tried to define artificial intelligence but he couldn’t do so. He worked on systems in physics and linear growth of these systems.

Inventor of Turing Machine

He was born very before the start of World War I and in very young age he started studying the quantum mechanics. He proposed a model about automatic computing machine and said that it can’t solve all problems automatically. This is known as turning machine and he also contributed in computational theory. He continued his further study in fields of algebra and number system. In the era of World War II, he worked for Government Code and Cypher School, Britain code breaking center. He introduced many ways to break and surpass German cipher and one of them was bombe.


The story of Alan Turing is not complete without his scandals and challenges he faced in his life. In 1952, he was charged of blame that he had a sexual liaison with a laborer. This man, who was considered as the savior in many aspects was considered to be a homosexual person who was involved in such activities. It is not the debate whether these blames are true or false but thing is that he was blamed of such thing which should not be attached with a personality like him. He was a person of deeds who tried hard to change many fields but he couldn’t do so because of world war on that time and shortness and lack of resources.


He was punished legally for one of the blames he faced and these punishments cut him off completely from entire world. He used poison in 1954 and committed suicide in the age of 42 years and left many questions and many work undone in the fields of biology and physics behind him.