Albrecht Von Haller Proposer of Muscle Irritability Theory
Albrecht Von Haller Proposer of Muscle Irritability Theory

Biography of Albrecht Von Haller

Early Life

Albrecht Von Haller proposer of Muscle Irritability theory was born in 18th century. He is considered as one of the greatest biologists of all times. He was born in 1708 in a city of Switzerland named as Bern. He was just fifteen years old when he translated many books. We can say that he was a scientist in very young age because fields of his main view were biology and physiology. He has made tremendous contributions in other fields also e.g. Anatomy and nature.


Albrecht Von Haller made efforts in the field of experimental physiology that is why he is considered as the father of modern physiology.  He also achieved his goals in fields of embryology, botany and poetry. In very young age, he started to study the functions of different organs and that how an organ works after another. He launched anatomy as an experimental field and proposed many dynamic rules in this field.

Inventor of Muscle Irritability Theory

He studied the functions of other organs of human body on a large scale. He proposed a theory about muscle irritability and that how our nerves sense anything which meant that either sensitivity of nerves is affecting irritability or not. On the other hand he explored the functions of heart in a way that what is the time of its automatic reaction and weather it is affected by time lag or not. He was the first one ever who explained respiration in details. He proposed many important techniques to solve physiological problems. He was a scientist with precise and objective approach. Haller was the first person who found exact relationship of nerves and sensation and in this regard he stated that only nerve can create sensation and it can only be created in those organs which are attached with nerves.


He published a book in 1757 with a title of Elementa physialogia (Elements of physiology) and this book is considered as the most important publication in the field of physiology. Haller was the first one who related anatomy with physiology and made experiments to find the close relationships between both of these and that is why anatomy is also called as internal physiology.


Albrecht Von Haller was a man of biology and his most important work in this field was that he formulated the method of physiological research. After 1773, his health was going declined and as a result he died on 12th December, 1777. At the time of his death, he was almost 69 years of age.