Alexander Fleming Inventor of Penicillin
Alexander Fleming Inventor of Penicillin

Biography of Alexander Fleming

Early Life

Alexander Fleming Founder of Penicillin was born in Ayrshire, Scotland in the year 1881 in the month of August. He was a third son of Hugh Fleming and Grace Sterling Morton. He was enrolled in a medical school in London and got his graduation degree from there in 1906. Alexander Fleming was working in hospitals during World War I and he observed that some soldiers were dying even with proper medication. He viewed that they are facing antiseptic infections and this thing is leading them to death.


Alexander Fleming was a Scottish biologist who was just not limited to biology and instead of it he worked in the fields of immunology, chemotherapy and bacteriology. His works in these fields are considered as the base of these fields as his work influenced these fields a lot. When he saw the soldiers dying of antiseptic infections during World War I, he came back to find any medicine for them which may cure them.

Further Contributions

This thing was getting worst day by day as these infections were getting more painful for soldiers if they had a deep infection. When an antiseptic was sprayed on these infections they were becoming more problematic for doctors.

Inventor of Penicillin

After his vacation, when he returned to his laboratory in 1928, he was carrying out an experiment. The experiment was that he left some dishes filled with bacteria growing on those plates. Suddenly, after some time, he observed that a fungus has ruined his experiment as that came there traveling through air. He was about to clear his experiments but he saw that the place where fungus was lying on the plate, the bacteria stopped its growth there. He separated that fungus and checked it under microscope and got a point that it was from a genus penicillium. He named this as penicillin and made it public after one year.


His discovery of penicillin made him famous very eventually and it was said as the most wanted discovery of that time. It was discovered in a time when everyone needed any antiseptic like that. After further work on penicillin, it was enabled as an antiseptic and that it could be used for curing the patients which are having these kinds of infections.


This man, the savior of thousands of lives, Alexander Fleming was died of a heart attack. He was on his work in laboratory when he faced a serious heart attack which led him to death. He died in 1955 in London in the age of 74 years.