Alexander Matveevich Poniatoff Founder of Ampex
Alexander Matveevich Poniatoff Founder of Ampex

Biography of Alexander Matveevich Poniatoff

Early Life

Alexander Matveevich Poniatoff Founder of Ampex was born on 25th March in 1892 in Aisha, Russian Empire. He migrated to China from Russia where he worked in an electrical company with the name of Shanghai Power Company. He became an electrical engineer and after working there for several years he further moved to the United States of America in 1927.

Founder of Ampex

After moving to the United States he continued to work in the field of electricity and after getting vast experience in this field he started his own company with the name of Ampex in 1944. In 1956 his company created the first ever rotary head recorder of the world which was the VR-1000 videotape recorder.


Ampex is a company of the United States of America in the field of electronics. This company was founded by Alexander in 1944. The name of the company was taken from the initials of the name of its founder with the extended ex letters which show the word excellence after the name of its founder. This was a public held company initially but later on converted into a privately held company. This company was started as the manufacturer of electronic devices related to tape recorders and video recorders. During the time of the World War II this company was engaged in manufacturing of electric motors and generators of good quality for handling radars which were used for locating battleships at that time. The first office of the company was located in Laurel St. San Carlos California in the United States of America.

Later Life 

After the formation of his own electrical company he lived his whole life working in that company as its president until 1955. In that year he was selected by the members of board of directors as the chairman of the board. After that he served on that designation.


He died on 24th October in 1980.