Alfred Binet Proposer of Individual Psychology
Alfred Binet Proposer of Individual Psychology

Biography of Alfred Binet

Early Life

Alfred Binet proposer of individual psychology was a psychologist and scientist who born in France. He was born in Nice which is a city of France in 1857. His father was a doctor while his mother was an artist by profession. His parents separated when he was very young and he lived mostly with his mother. He was enrolled in Louis –LE –Grand school and there he got many prizes and rewards for his literary skills. His favorite subjects were medicine and law and he earned graduation degree in law but he didn’t choose law or medicine as his career.


Later on, after his studies, he studied some work of Stuart mill in psychology and was very much inspired of his teachings and techniques used in psychology. He thought to pursue his career further in psychology and that is why he started studying different fields of psychology. He met Jean Martin and discussed and studied his work on hypnosis and hysteria and was very much impressed by his works. That is why; he started conducting further research psychology. He worked as a volunteer in a psychological laboratory, Sorbonne. He was appointed as a doctor in same laboratory in 1894.


In that laboratory, he explored different fields of psychology and published his first journal which is considered very authentic till now in the field of psychology. Alfred Adler has also worked in different branches of psychology e.g. he has worked on a psychological motive of school children and that what do they think about their school and how do they take it. His research on children proposed a basic model of measuring and it helped in understanding the basics of children psychology at a broad level.

Inventor of Individual Psychology

The field of Alfred’s main focus was individual psychology. He conducted many experiments and stated that individual intelligence and level of intelligence in different people can be measured. He volunteered himself for a psychological organization who was working for the well being of them. His remarkable work in the field of psychology was that the system of intelligence quotient (IQ) was found in his era. To find the different disorders of brain, he invented an instrument in collaboration with another psychologist.


Alfred Binet made many remarkable additions to the field of psychology. He made numerous experiments to find out the actual study of mind and that how does it work. He died in 1911 in the age of 54 years.