Anastase Dragomir inventor of Ejection Seat
Anastase Dragomir inventor of Ejection Seat

Biography of Anastase Dragomir

Early Life

Anastase Dragomir inventor of ejection seat was a very famous inventor and scientist who belonged to the Romanian nationality and descent pattern. He is known best for his invention of ejection seat which changed the dimension of travelling industry and specifically the ejection through aircrafts and copters etc. He was born in the year of 1896 in the month of February 6th and his place of birth was as local town in Braila which is located in Romania. His invention of ejection seat is normally considered as a catapult able or movable cockpit of planes. He was not from any high class family and instead of that, he belonged to a lower middle class family who had five other children too.


The information about his academic career are not found in much details but in fact, are not found even with minor details. Despite of this thing, it is clear that he completed his education and his field of study with focus in the university was that of aeronautics and aeronautical engineering etc which is mostly related to aircrafts. After completion of his education, he had moved to France because the aircraft industry of France was very much developed even at that time. He started his formal career over there when he joined an aircraft factory. He worked over there for a couple of years but later on, moved to another company. This up and rise in his career continued still he succeeded in the invention of ejection seat.

Inventor of Ejection Seat

He invented the ejection seat while working there in a company in France. The basic aim behind his invention of catapult able cockpit was to save pilots and passengers from injuries and death, in case of any accident or severe emergency issue.

Ejection Seat

He invented this seat and applied for the rights of his invention through a patent. He had applied for that in the year of 1928 but was awarded in the year of 1930. ┬áThis invention led him to be sudden famous in the field and to be considered as a successful scientist and engineer. He was financed by different financers for completion of his invention of this type of cockpit. Ejection seat is often considered as an ejector seat which is used in aircraft’s and the main and the most important function is to save pilots in case of any emergency. Normally it is designed in such a way that whenever there is such an issue, then the seat is propelled and pulled out of the plane and this propulsion power is used by a rocket motor or any explosive charge.


He died in the year of 1966 in the month of June. He was almost 70 years of age at the time of his death.