Antoine Lavoisier Father of Modern Chemistry
Antoine Lavoisier Father of Modern Chemistry

Biography of Antoine Lavoisier

Early Life

Antoine Lavoisier is often considered to be the father of modern chemistry. He was an influential and prolific scientist of chemistry who made numerous additions to field of chemistry. He was born in Paris, France on 26th August, 1743. He was one of the most important parts of the chemical revolution which took place in 18th century because he contributed significantly in that revolution. He started his early studies in the fields of law and literature while later, his interest was built in science and he studied it under renowned personalities of that time.


He achieved a significant standard in chemistry because he made numerous contributions to it. First of all, he developed the first geological map of the France which was a very important achievement. Later on, his interest was shifted to different fields of chemistry e.g. respiration, combustion and oxidation of metals. He proved the different old theories as wrong about these processes. He stated his own ideas about bases, acids and salts which were considered more important because they were logical and practical. Lavoisier was one of those persons who introduced any chemical element in a way that he described its chemical fraction and chemical composition in details.


His work impressed many scientists to adopt practical approach in chemistry and they started to work for betterment of chemistry in an improved way. Later on, government hired Antoine Lavoisier and assigned him some specific projects to do. Working for government, he worked for composition of starch and phosphorus’s distillation.

Inventor of Modern Chemistry

In 1775, Louis 4 made a commission to monitor the supply and quality of gunpowder in a way which may help France in Napoleonic wars. Lavoisier was appointed as the head of that commission and in his charge; the supply of gunpowder to France was dramatically increased while the quality of that gunpowder was also very good. This thing helped France to play his role more significantly in the war’s efforts of France. Antoine Lavoisier was the first person who implemented his chemical skills in agriculture when he bought his own farm near Paris France. Through this process he gained more production of crops in a short time. These were the contributions which made him the father of modern chemistry.


His links with secret agency proved negative for him when he was died due to those connections. He was killed in Concorde, Paris, France on 8 May, 1794 in the age of 61 years.