The choice of job and career is very important decision. Everything is changing day by day in the same way the job opportunities are also changing. Keeping this in mind the analyst have given a ranking of jobs which tells that which job is more suitable in 2016. And this ranking is based on scope, job opportunities and the income earned by these jobs. Here we provide best / top paying Entry-Level jobs for college grads.

  1. Mobile developer

Nowadays the technology of mobile development is making tremendous progress.  Android cells are now popular in market. Their pay is $90,000.

  1. Software originator

Software developers are also highly paid. As the technology is making tremendous change the job opportunities are also increasing. Their salary is $99,510. They are programmers and make computer efficient.

  1. Biomedical Engineer

They purpose solution of all the medical problems they are highly paid. As health issues are very common nowadays. The biomedical engineer purposes solution of these diseases. Their salary is $86,960.

  1. Quality Assurance Manager

They ensure the quality of the product with respect to the user. There are highly demanded. Their pay is $85,000.

  1. Computer analyst

Computer analyst can earn up to $82,710. They are hired by the companies which are using computers, the computer analyst help those organizations to make their networking better. They provide efficient hardware, software and technologies for the company/client.

  1. Aerospace Engineer

It is a branch of engineering which deals with the designing, development, monitoring, manufacturing and controlling aircrafts and space crafts. There are huge amount of jobs opportunities for aerospace engineer. Their salary is $68,250.

  1. Medical Supporters

Medical supporters include nurses and paramedical staff. Their salary is $66,640. Their duty is to keep the patient under observation, record their blood pressure and body temperature.

  1. Electrical Engineer

 Electric engineering is the study of electricity, electromagnetism and electronics. They are indulging in production of electricity. That is why they are highly demanded. They pay is $65,600.

  1. Certified public accountant

They provide guidance to the people who don’t know how to invest their funds. They provide the path which is to be followed by the person who have investment but are incompetent for investing. Their pay is $67,520.

  1. Psychologist

Now much importance is given to mental health. Schools, colleges, universities and hiring authorities are need of a psychologist. They study human brain and mental model. Their salary is $65,000.

  1. Web developer

The technology is increasing day by day. The companies, hotels, hospitals and many other organizations have understood the importance of computer. So they are automating their data and are providing easy access to the people so there is need of web developer for this purpose. Their average salary is $63,490.

  1. Human resource Supervisor

His responsibility is recruiting, hiring and managing all the manpower. He must know the techniques and rules used for hiring and managing manpower. Their pay is $50,000.

  1. Project Administration

Their manage projects in the organization. Select the project to be discarded and accepted on the basis of return on investment. Their pay is $43,590.

  1. Designer

Graphic, web, logo and game designing are highly demanded. And they have bright future. Their pay is $40,666.

  1. Finance Manager

Finance Manager allocates resources for every project. Check the profit of every project. He is responsible for the loss and profit of the company. He works as a CEO for the company. Salary of financial Manager is $32,361.


The above listed jobs are highly demanded entry-level jobs for college grads especially IT related jobs are high paid. These jobs will be guarantee of a successful career. If you have some high paid entry-level job in mind enlighten us please.