It’s a wrong myth that a good job is assigned to those people who are efficient and hardworking and there is no space for the sluggish persons. But this is simply a misconception there are many job opportunities for lethargic people as well. They can also get highly paid jobs. But for this the only requirement is that the person should be skilled and talented enough to fill full those requirements of job which is offered.

Hard working is not required in these types of jobs. As the technology and thinking is changing day by day all the things have also revolutionized. Before it was thought that hardworking is the basic necessity for being successful and career oriented. But with the passage of time and due to development these trends have been changed tremendously. Now there is also space in the market for the people who don’t love to work and enjoy easy going. Here are highly paid best Jobs for lazy Person / lazy bones.

Computer programmer

To work as a computer programming is not an easy task as the technology is changing day by day. But it does not require hard work. It’s an uninterruptedly learning process which has no end. Many programming languages have been introduced. And there popularity varies with the passage of time. But it is most suited and highly paid job for sluggish people because problems which are to be solved are repeated. So the previous code written some other project can be used with small modification.

Coaching and translating English

If you have a vast vocabulary of English this can bring an advantage to you. As there are many countries such as China in which staff is required for coaching English. English is an international languages and much importance is paid on learning this language. Without learning this language success can’t be achieved. If a lazy person has knowledge of English he/she can also work as a translator for international level. And can be highly paid for this job.

Specialized knowledgeable

In this job the pay is given to the talent and creativity. In this type of job no hard work is required the only thing which is concentrated in the expertise. The nature of job is just to give motivation and build high morale of the people. This is simply an easy task to perform because the only task which is performed is sharing judgments and sentiments.

As a tester in various fields

A lazy person can also work as a tester in many fields which include game testing, perform usability testing for much software, bear testing, comfortably testing in hotels bedrooms and many more. It does not require hard work but it’s an easy going job.


Besides hard working people there is also bright future for those who love to rest. They have many opportunities for job and by utilizing there interpersonal skills they can reach the top of their carrier. The above mentioned jobs are the best fitted jobs for lazy bones. You are busy bone? Yes let us know what kind of job would you like to do?