Biro Laszlo Jozsef Inventor of Ballpoint Pen
Biro Laszlo Jozsef Inventor of Ballpoint Pen

Biography of Biro Laszlo Jozsef

Early Life

 Biro Laszlo Jozsef, an inventor of ballpoint pen is known for his invention. He was born on 29th of September 1899 in the Budapest which is a sub region of Hungary. He was a Hungarian by nationality and a Jew by religion.  There is no information available about his early life and his educational career but he married with Elsa Schick and the couple had a child who was named as “Mariana.” As simple pens are used from a very old times but the modern ballpoint pen was invented by this guy.

Inventor of Ballpoint Pen

Though he was not any scientist from background but he is known for his invention of ballpoint. He presented his invention in the year of 1931 in Budapest International fair and he named his invention as ballpoint pen. He was a journalist by profession and this was the reason of his invention of ballpoint. Once he was working in office and he noticed that, the ink which was used for printing at those times, gets dried very soon. In this way, paper became very rough, dry and as kind of free of stain.

Further Contribution

Later on, he tried to use that printing ink in his fountain pen but was unable to use as it was very viscous fluid. His brother was a chemist by profession and after working with him, he developed a new tip which was including a ball.  The ball was free for turning and a cartridge was putted in the pen to take the ink from there and then to put on paper.

Ballpoint Pen

Biro Laszlo Joszef is widely credited as inventor of the ballpoint pen. He invented it and got its first patent in the year of 1938. Later on, they patented in other countries and started their own company of ballpoint pens. Ballpoint pen can be said as an instrument which is used for writing as it spreads and dispenses the ink on the paper when it is used. It consists of a tip which includes a ball and it takes ink from storage and hence it is used for writing purposes. The ball which is used in the pen can be of any size and can vary in the diameter and it is generally made up of different things e.g. steel, brass or tungsten. Ballpoint pen is a cheap instrument which is used for writing and hence it made our lives much easier as compared to the older format of the pens.


He died on 24th October 1985. He was of 86 years at the time of his death.