Chinese Government Scholarship Application Process details are provided below.

Step 1. Prepared following documents

  1. All educational documents degrees and transcripts notarized from the notary public
  2. Two recommendation letters associate professor and above, preferable full processors but one should be from your MS supervisor also in case he is Associate or above.
  3. Foreign physical examination form (photo copy) with all reports (no need to attache x-ray or ECG only report is enough)
  4. Proposal not more than two pages (please include 5-6 latest references also at end of proposal)
  5. English Proficiency Certificate
  6. 3 Photos with white background
  7. ILETS TOEFL if any
  8. HSK Chinese Language Certificate (if any)
  9. Articles or publications if any
  10. Experience certificate if any
  11. Awards if any 8.
  12. Passport copy
  13. Other certificates if any

Step 2.  Select the Universities related to your field and fill relevant University International Student admission form

On the above link you can select the degree and also the medium of instruction and then in the search space below you can type your subject or area in which you are willing to apply for, but be careful it may not have very specific subjects in universities specially in English medium.

Step 3. Fill the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) scholarship form

  1. Go to this site


  1. Register your self
  2. Fill the form
  3. Finally submit the form
  4. Download it
  5. Print it
  6. Past your photo on it
  7. Make set of above all documents
  8. Make a photocopy these documents as per requirement of university on its website
  9. Two/three sets one original notarized and one photo copy send to relevant university directly.

Note: The crucial field is preferences field. Most of students choose different universities in preferences. Please mention the same university in all preferences like preference 1,2 and 3. Also if you are applying in more than one university then send full sets filled with that university name to that university address also.

A helpful webpage about Chinese Government Scholarships for International Students 2018 is here. ‎ You will find everything here, in case you have any questions / queries please ask below we will be happy to answers any questions. A list of frequently asked questions for Chinese Government Scholarship application process is provided here.