Top 5 Money Wasting College Degrees
Top 5 Money Wasting College Degrees

When we think of enrolling in educational degrees the first thing that comes in mind is our career. Job nowadays is a basic requirement for earning a living in today’s status conscious world. There is strong, unbreakable link between educational degree and our career. If our degree has some worth with respect to contribution it will make to ever advancing technology then only it will be able to enable us to provide sound living in terms of earning power. So investing in a degree is a big decision. While deciding which degree to pursue we should be aware of how much worth degree has and whether the degree will payoff in future or not in terms of earning power. Earning a college degree is very expensive, so economical investment in present will lead to profitable outcome in future with respect to job. Nowadays there are number of college degree one can opt for but following degrees must be kept in mind in terms of low earning. These college degrees with Worst return on investment.

Social Workers

There are numbers of ups and downs in life of every individual, so services of social workers are required. Although it is a prestigious profession, but it has low earning power. A Social Worker earns an average salary of $41,159 per year. Number of social workers are employed in orphanage, old home to boost their capacity for everyday functioning as well as help them by providing psychological services and also enable people to overcome difficulties like addiction, unemployment and educational issues. If individual is motivated by desire to help people then only he/she should opt for this degree. Otherwise in long run it would not lead to satisfactory results.

Fine Arts/ Artist

Few decades’ back fine arts degree was the least valuable, but as the trend is changing this field is also getting attention. But still there is no comparison between fine art degree and other science professions. Once it was thought that those who opted for this degree are individual are one who want escape from studies. In order to build a successful career in this field requires a long time span, as well as considerable amount of investment. Depending upon the experience their salary may vary. A Fine Artist including a painter has an average pay of $40,000- $60,000 dollars per year.


Philosophy is a profession in which there is no absolute agreement on one particular answer to basic issues of philosophy, for example there might be no one specific answer to do humans possess free will . It is a debatable subject. Although this field has contributed a lot in improving the general understanding of variety of philosophical issues but still it is a low earning degree. By pursuing a degree in philosophy one can get their love for philosophy fulfilled but an individual may be restricted in terms of earning capacity.

Education (Teaching)

Teaching is very respectable profession. This profession is the central core of all other discipline. In this field professionals try their best to educate and transfer their knowledge to upcoming generations. It is the base for preparing the future doctors, software engineers etc. but unfortunately teachers are not rewarded according to their contribution to the society. Especially primary and secondary school teachers have very low salary.The average salary for this degree is $56,000.This salary is so low that it is not possible to earn a respectful living in society.

Tourist Guides

Tour guides assist people on seeing the sights, educational or other tours, and describe the historical significance and points of interest to individuals. This degree is pursed by those who are motivated by passion to travel. Although this job seems to be attractive in terms of visiting new places but it is least productive in term of salary. The average salary is around $35000.

Photography and News caster

Getting a degree in photography can be an expensive investment. Individuals who enroll to get this degree are motivated by their interest in this field, but they usually need to consider second option for living a luxurious life. Their salary varies around $55,500 per year. Similarly reading news is also a low earning profession until and unless you are more towards journalism.


To conclude knowledge once acquired will not go in vain. Acquiring a degree in any discipline will increase our knowledge and will ultimately help us in one way or other, but for earning a living in today’s competitive world, we need to look at pros and cons of each degree so that we could decide that whether this degree will pay back in terms of satisfactory and comfortable living or not.