Cyrille Duquet Inventor of Telephone Handset
Cyrille Duquet Inventor of Telephone Handset

Biography of Cyrille Duquet

Early Life

Cyrille Duquet inventor of Telephone handset was a very famous inventor and scientist who belonged to the Canadian nationality. He is known best for his invention of telephone handset and it can be said that this invention changed the history and dimensions of modern telephony. Though he is not known for much of his work in the field of telephony but his invented handsets are still used all over the world.  He was born in the year of 1841 in the month of March on 31st day and his place of birth was as Quebec, French which is located in Northern Canada. He was not only an inventor but in spite of that, he was also a very famous flutist, musician, politician and with that a goldsmith too.

Interest in different Fields

Though there is not much information found about his educational career but it is clear that, he spent a very successful life working in different fields and as a different profession. His interests were politics and music too, in addition with that of science and inventions. As a politician, he had a successful career because he used to be a municipal councilor over there in his home town. He worked on this position for two times in his whole life which were as; first period was from the year of 1883 to 1890 and then later after from the year of 1900 to that of 1908. His interest in music was as that he was also a member of septet Hayden there in Quebec and it shows his passion about both of his interests as mentioned above.

Inventor of Telephone Handset

In the same days, when Graham Bell had invented a telephone, he had made a same invention but that was a telephone handset and he had developed it to connect his shop and home. He was not awarded the patent initially for this invention.

Telephone Handset 

Later on, he tried to buy the invention rights from Graham Bell but he asked for such an amount, which was not in his range hence he kept it left and starting working on the betterment of his invention. His invention was considered as something without a good future at that time, but it is quite a strange thing that it is still used all over the world but the telephone of Graham Bell is out of fashion from a long time.  The most important thing in his telephone was that of a handset which could be used by the user to hear the voice of the caller by lifting it easily to the ear. Later after, these handsets were also combined a transmitter to improve the strength and quality.


He died in the year of 1922 in the month of December on 1st day. He was almost 81 years of age at the time of his death.