Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit Inventor of Fahrenheit Temperature Scale
Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit Inventor of Fahrenheit Temperature Scale

Biography of Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

Early Life

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit inventor of Fahrenheit Temperature Scale was a very famous scientist and physicist of Lithuania. He is known best for his invention of Fahrenheit Temperature Scale and it can be said that this invention led him to be very famous scientist of the field of physics. He was a Lithuanian by the nationality and descent pattern.  He was born in the year of 1686 in the month of May on 24th day and his place of birth was as Danzig which is part of Polish Lithuanian Empire. His contributions to the field of physics are not anything unknown but in fact he is known for his achievements as an engineer in common and as a scientist and inventor specifically.

Family Background

As mentioned, he was from a Polish Lithuanian background but the most important thing of his childhood was as that, he spent it mostly in Netherlands. His ancestors were truly from Germany who used to migrate to different cities and specifically settled anywhere they found the suitable conditions and environment for them. As he was a scientist of almost four to five centuries ago, so the historians are not able to save much of his information either related to his family background or most personally his educational background. He was just 15 years of age when his parents died in the year of 1701 and this thing led him to a new life.


After the death of his parents, he started his personal training as a merchant but was unable to continue it for a long time. He started to study the natural science just because his interest built in this field. He studied for a long time and travelled a lot for this purpose but at last got success in the field.

Inventor of Fahrenheit Temperature Scale

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit is widely credited as the inventor of Fahrenheit Temperature Scale and the building up of this scale and inventing a new temperature format, made him a very successful scientist. Fahrenheit Scale was developed in the early 20s of the 18th century and he wrote about its works, amendments in that and finally about its final format, in different articles and notes.

Fahrenheit Temperature Scale

Fahrenheit Scale is a temperature scale just like the Celsius scale and Kelvin scales. The most important thing of this scale is that, it is divided in 180 equal intervals each lengthened as 1 mm. Every unit is used to show the temperature change as 1 Degree when the pointer or liquid e.g. mercury moves 1 mm up or down. The base of scale is started form 32 degree Fahrenheit and it goes till the point of 212 degrees.


He died in the year of 1736 in the month of September on 16th day. He was almost 50 years of age at the time of his death.