Biography of David Karp

The founder of Tumblr David Karp (conceived on July 6, 1986). He is the businessman and organizer of webs in United State of America. David is the inventor and chief executive of Tumblr Short form blogging organization. As stated by Forbes, David net earnings go over with $200 million, and the worth of Tumblr is $800 million.

Early Life

The birth place of David Karp is New York City. David spent his childhood in the place of Manhattan. The parents Of David are the members of Barbara Ackerman and they teach in the San Anselmo and Michael D. Karp institution, in which  television or film video making is taught. Kevin is one of the younger brothers of David. When David was 17 years old his parents gets separated due to some personal issues. .


David Karp started his education at the age of 3 years from the Calhoun School. David continued his studies in this school till level of 8th grade. However, when David reached to 11th grade he starts to learn about HTML and in very short time David invents different websites for different entrepreneurs. David decided to go for Bronx Science to take part in it and to start homeschooling at the age of 15. Moreover, with this schooling the interest of David became high for college in New York or MIT. So, he left his schooling or other works for short time to show his efficiency in colleges.

Personal Life

At the time of 2009, David got a partner her name was Rachel Eakley. She got education in  psychology and leading as a certification. In 2014, they make separation. They spent their time in Williamsburg. David made his own investment into different companies to make their status strong. The companies are Copenhagen, Sherpaa, lnc,. Superpedestrain. lnc,.


David Karp started interning with vitality for Fred Seibert at the age of fourteen, the inventor of Frederator Studios. The work of Frederator becomes very interesting for David and he join him in order to work on daily basis. David started to take the classes of Japanese from the Japan Society institute and here he met with the math’s teacher, from him he learnt to write on software and start work with him on blackjack and poker.

The John Maloney businessman searched scientific help to do work with UrbanBaby, this is how to people talk with other on online system, and for this one of the member of Frederator suggest David for job. David accomplished their work within two days; Maloney gave the David reward in form of in charge of Urbanbaby’s and give some money to David in form of integrity. When UrbanBaby bought by CNET then David decide to left the job from here at the time of 2006.


After leaving UrbanBaby David take some new start of his career with his own scientific technical association organization. He launched his own company with the name of Davidville, here different workers visualize their products. Marco Arment started to work in Davidville as the engineer. David took interest to make some short type blogs of tumblelogs, to build this he suffered to get the standard blogging platform to declare their personal tumblelogging platform.

After the time of one year, David and Arment started work to their own personal tumblelogging platform. However, after the two weeks of contract 2006, David invented the Tumble at the year of February 2007, and in the time of fifteen days this application got seventy five hundred users.

David closed his company due to interfere of Arment in his business at the time of October 2007. The company name changed with the name of Tumblr, Inc, and David sale out twenty five percent share of company to some sort form of investor. Moreover, in 1 October 2015, Tumblr hold above the 256 million blogs.


At the date of May 20, 2013, one announcement was declare that Yahoo and Tumblr came to reach to make an sign of paper which showed Yahoo bought Tumblr in $1.1 billion. This agreement showed that David still run the Tumble as chief executive officer.