Dean Kamen Inventor of Infusion Pump
Dean Kamen Inventor of Infusion Pump

Biography of Dean L. Kamen

Early Life

Dean L. Kamen inventor of Infusion Pump is a very well-known scientist. He is known best for his invention of infusion pump and it can be said that this invention led him to be very famous scientist. He is an American by the nationality and descent pattern.  He was born in the year of 1951 in the month of April on 5th day and his place of birth was as Long Island, which is located in New York, United States of America. His father’s name is Jack Kamen and he is the illustrator of mad and weird sciences.


He started his education in some years of age. He was admitted to local school for basic start and after that he secured further education till college level from another institute over there. Later on, he joined Worcester Polytechnic Institute but he was unable to complete his education from there and was dropped out. He invented many things which led him to be a famous inventor and entrepreneur of United States of America.

Inventor of Infusion Pump

After being dropped out from college, the Dean Kamen started to work for something new and his idea was to invent such thing which may give him a great break for the field. He started his private research to invent the infusion pump and this thing took his five years of hard work. This hard work came up for him as the invention of the infusion pump.

Infusion Pump

An infusion pump is an important instrument for the field of medical sciences because it is used in various ways. The basic function of the pump is to infuse the nutrients, fluids or medication into the regulatory and circulatory systems of the patients. There are some other infusions as subcutaneous, epidural or arterials are also used in very rare cases but the use of the infusion pump is all about in the intravenous format. Controlled amount of fluids and important nutrients are shared to the circulatory system of the patients to make them live as long as it is possible. Infusion pump was invented in the year of 2001.

Current Situation

Currently, he is living in Bedford which is located in New Hampshire and he is almost 63 years of age. He is best known for the inventions of iBot Wheelchair and Segway.