Difference between American Food and Chinese Food

Cooking has been there for quite a long time as it is very essential part of our lives because no one can live without eating. These days, cooking has created not only the essential part of our daily life routine but also   it is science by itself. There is difference between Eastern and Western cooking method  and there are numerous huge contrasts in cooking strategies, ingredients and dietary patterns.

American Food

There are couple of foods that originate before settlement, and colonization of America attained the appearance of countless cooking styles and ingredients. This variety kept extending splendidly into the nineteenth and twentieth century, corresponding to the convergence of workers from extra foreign countries.

Chinese Food

Chinese cooking is an essential piece of Chinese culture, which incorporates foods beginning from the various areas of China. The inclination for flavoring and cooking method .Chinese areas rely upon contrasts in ethnic gatherings historic background. The smell, color and taste are the customary perspectives to portray Chinese food, likewise the significance, shape and nourishment.

American Food VS Chinese Food

In this article we are going to discuss the contrasts between these foods to understand a clear picture about them.

  • Size:

Americans cooks their food in huge pieces and serve it with forks and knives for slicing it up.

Chinese cooks in a way that they cleave everything into nibble pieces, in this way individual don’t need to bother about knives in order to slice it, and simply get their food with help of chopsticks.

  • Spices:

American cooks their food by utilizing processed flavors like ketchup, pepper powder and so on. And they used very less species in their food.

Chinese food  may include include dried or crisp flavors while cooking, similar to spring onion, ginger, pepper, mint, chilies, garlic, and so forth.

  • Cook Vegetables:

American usually doesn’t cook vegetables. They use vegetables as salads or simply boil them in water.

Chinese dependably love to cook vegetables that include stewing, frying, steaming and boiling. In some cases, they cook vegetables with soy sauce, garlic and ginger.

  • Meat or vegetables:

In American food, there are more meat and starchy food and fewer vegetables. Vegetables like Chinese eggplant, bok choy, soy bean sprout and Chinese cabbage are unknown for Americans.

In Chinese food, there are more vegetables as compare to meat.

  • Oil:

Americans foods are usually prepared in animals-made oils and there are more fats in it.

Chinese foods are usually prepared in vegetable oil like soya bean which contains less fat.

  • Fresh or frozen:

Americans love to use frozen foods in cooking as they buy ingredients and put it in refrigerator so that they can use it for almost one week.

Chinese love to use fresh vegetables and ingredients so they purchase the vegetables on daily basis. And avoiding using preserved and canned food.

  • Salt or syrup:

American usually uses less amount of salt in their food. Instead of salt, they use syrups and sugar in their food like corn syrup.

In Chinese food, salt and seasoning play an important role.

  • Deserts:

Sweet dishes are served after dinner in America

Chinese have tea or fresh fruit as a desert.


From the above article we can conclude that the main differences between these foods are spices, flavors, ingredients, cooking techniques and patterns. And both the areas have own taste.