Difference between Australia and United Kingdom (UK) regarding their Culture
Difference between Australia and United Kingdom (UK) regarding their Culture

Difference between Australia and United Kingdom (UK) regarding their Culture

Australia has developed to wind a genuine worldwide super power. Australia and United Kingdom (UK) are the nations that have been compared in different subjects like art, politics, economy, language and many more. Despite the fact that these two nations have comparative desire to overwhelm the world economy, mentality and their living style resemble east and west.


The way of life of Australia is a Western society, got fundamentally from Britain additionally impacted by the one of a kind topography of the Australian landmass, the differing contribution of Torres Strait Islander, Aboriginal and other Oceanian individuals

United Kingdom (UK)

The way of life of the United Kingdom is affected by the UK’s history as a created island nation, a liberal vote based system and a noteworthy force, its prevalently Christian religious life.

Australia VS United Kingdom (UK)

  • Language:

English language is the language of England but pronunciation fluctuates as per region and class, which mirrors England’s class thoughtful society and provincial competitions. Britain’s English is less informal than Australian’s English.

The language mostly spoken in Australia is English as there is no official language here. At this place, pronunciation fluctuates as per ideology and gender. Australian English has been vigorously impacted by American English and it is more informal as compare to Britain’s English.

  • Arts:

Characterizing British arts as differing and abstract was maybe a well mannered was of saying that it is a foul mutt’s breakfast where craftsmen use words to adjust for the way that their work can’t represent itself with any issue. To put it all the more just, British arts is what might as well be called punk rock.

Australia additionally has what’s coming to it’s of crap craftsmen; however iconic Australian art is the level of insight in the work. The Australian craftsmen consolidate a sort of European expressionism among sociological inquiry to deliver works that had incredible feeling, but at the same time were profoundly cerebral.

  • Sports:

The English have customarily been extremely imaginative with regards to sports. They have developed soccer, rugby class, rugby union, hockey, squash, one day cricket, test cricket and 20/20 cricket. They have additionally invented polo and tennis.

Numerous Australians are enthusiastic about game, and it frames a noteworthy part of the nation’s way of life as far as participation. They haven’t invented any game that is played at international level. Cricket is famous in the late spring, and football codes are mostly played in winter.

  • Politics:

The primary distinction between the frameworks is that England has a “House of Lords”, whose individuals achieve their position through claim. Britain utilizes first past the post so that the competitor with the most bolster wins the seat

Australia has a Senate that works comparatively to the House of Lords; however whose individuals are chosen by voters. The Queen settles on no choices influencing Australia. Australia has particular voting. At the point when the tallies are aggregately counted, the competitor is the minimum abhorred, instead of most enjoyed, that speaks to the general population.


From the above article we come to that culture of Australia and UK has many contrasts between them like in sports, arts, politics and language.