Difference between Back Pain and Kidney Pain
Difference between Back Pain and Kidney Pain

Difference between Back Pain and Kidney Pain

Each sickness or disease always has some characteristics that are specific just to that specific condition or ailment. In this article we will discuss the contrasts between the back pain and kidney pain, contemplating the absolute most imperative components.

Back Pain

Back pain is usually a pain experienced in back. Back pain might be acute pain, sub acute pain, or chronic pain relying upon the span. The pain might be described as a dull ache, piercing or shooting pain, or a blazing sensation.

Kidney Pain

Kidney pain which likewise known as renal pain usually alludes to pain emerging from contamination, damage or aggravation of a kidney.

Back Pain VS Kidney Pain

  • Occurrence:

Back pain can usually be occurring anyplace in buttocks or lower back.

Kidney pain more often occurs in the segment between ribs and hips (called flanks) furthermore might be occur in upper abdomen.

  • Symptoms:

The symptoms of back pain are that this becomes more severe when any movement is done. The pain increases instantly after some action like exercise, front bowing and so forth.

The symptoms of kidney pain are that it is extreme and happens in waves. Occurrence of pain will be delayed after any exercise.

  • Consistency:

When the discussion is done on back pain, the pain does not have consistency in its nature as it varies with time.

In case of kidney pain, there is typically consistent pain which exists until the last, it possibly be the sharp pain in case of kidney stones or perhaps dull pain in case of infection.

  • Categorized:

Back pain can be partitioned into upper back pain, neck pain and lower back pain. They can likewise be ordered as acute pain, when pain is there for four weeks, sub acute pain, when pain is there for four to twelve weeks, and chronic pain when pain lasts beyond twelve weeks.

Kidney pain is categorized into two sorts that are kidney stone or kidney infection. Generally kidney pain because of kidney stones is particularly serious, whereas the pain because of kidney infection may be mild.

  • Causes:

There are many causes of back pain that includes sciatica, fracture of lamina, fracture of pedicle and many others

However kidney pain causes due to kidney stones, infection in kidney (pyelonephritis), kidney cancer and many others.

  • Triggers:

Most regular triggers for pain in back incorporate delayed sitting in one stance, long time movement or standing and so on.

Kidney pain is fundamentally activated by too much intake of any fluid. Despite the fact that moving is excluded in the rundown of triggers for kidney pain.

  • Treatment:

The treatment of back pain can be done with pain reduction medicines alongside some therapies. Probably the most recognized therapies incorporate the massage therapy, physical therapy and so forth.

In case of kidney pain, it is important to find out the actual reason of pain and taking the fundamental medications appropriately. For kidney infection, antibiotics can be taken while for other case; if medicines don’t work then patient can go for surgery.


Regardless of what might be the cause or whatever might be the pain, it is better to visit specialist in order to avoid the risk of any complexity.