Difference between Bipolar Disorder and Depression
Difference between Bipolar Disorder and Depression

Difference between Bipolar Disorder and Depression

You may have heard about depression Infact every being today is fighting and suffering in depression. The issue is mainly related to the clinicians who are more inclined to raise the difference between Bipolar Disorder and Depression. Before knowing the difference there is a need to know what they are actually.

What is Bipolar Disorder

It is also known as Maniac Depression. It is the older name of depression. Maniac Depression is a kind of disorder that produces and leaves a person in various other shifts. Now the shifts can vary from your mood, energy and the activity levels. It can affect one’s day to day activities and tasks. In short it mixes up with depression and makes a disorder.

What is Depression

Depression can be defined as the low interest in the activities. The activities are more related to what you used to enjoy.

Bipolar Disorder vs Depression

How it feels like? When it comes to the bipolar disorder, an alteration comes in the episodes of excitement and sadness. A being’s mood switches with the passage of time. His or mood can be sometimes so acceptable and sometime so irritating. On the other hand, depression makes a man feel like severe unhappiness. It is felt with the span of shorter time. Depression leaves the victim in utter hopelessness and suicide confession feelings.

Major Causes: Well! Considering bipolar disorder it cannot be tracked down to a single cause because it has so many roots to consider. The causes are as follows:

  • Genetics
  • Environmental Factors
  • Brain-chemical Imbalance

On the other hand, depression causes can be:

  • Changes in the brain
  • Change in Dopamine

Mental Symptoms: In first case, symptoms can be more related to the high and low spans. Whereas, Depression carries extended unhappiness, extreme hopelessness and often the victim feels suicidal sensations.

Physical Symptoms: As far as physical Symptoms are concerned, Bipolar disorder symptoms are seen in the people who talk very fast, distraction can be encountered in their behavior. In short the factor of permanence cannot be found in their behavior. The permanence won’t be in the sleeping, relational aspect, eating and other habits. On the other hand, Depression carries lack of energy, restlessness, changing in the eating episodes. Usually, the victims think very low, face headaches, digestive problems that are not so easy to diagnose in today’s era.

Treatments: Surely, treatments are the hope for the sick. Here in the case of bipolar disorder Medications and psychotherapy are the most common treatment options for the people. On the other hand, for depression, most common treatment options are Cognitive-behavioral therapy, medications, ECT and hospitalization in general.

Which medications are mainly prescribed? Usually for bipolar disorder, mood stabilizers are recommended and antidepressants are recommended. So that the sufferers may overcome the variations in their mood; whereas in the case of depression, antidepressants are recommended.

When it knocks your door? Considering bipolar disorder, it often develops in adult years mainly before 25 years. Actually, there is no certainty in the age some may get in childhood and others nay get in adulthood. On the other hand, Depression is the most common mental disorder in U.S which are presented in women mainly. Children acquisition of the acquisition of the disease is from 13-18 years old.

So, summing up the whole of the difference, both the diseases can easily affects a person’s life.  It can also affect those who live around such kind of people. The sufferers may find peace with the drugs and alcohol just to find peace in relationships, schools and places of work. It can be overcome through medications ad proper treatments.