Difference between Black Hat, White Hat and Grey Hat

Hackers are by and large ordered by kind of figurative “hat” they wear. Examples include “white hat”, “black hat”, and “grey hat”. These terms originate from old spaghetti westerns, where the awful person wears a dark cattle rustler hat, and the great person wears a white hat. There are two fundamental elements that decide the kind of hacker, first one is their purpose regardless of whether they are infringing upon the law.

Black Hat

A black hat is hacker who “damages PC security for little reason past vindictiveness or for individual gain”. The term was instituted by Richard Stallman.

White Hat

The expression “white” in Internet slang alludes to a good PC hacker, or a PC security master, who spends significant time in infiltration testing and in other testing strategies to guarantee the security of an association’s data frameworks. Their teams are called “red teams” or “sneakers”.

 Grey Hat

The expression “grey hat” alludes to a hacker or PC security master who may here and there disregard laws or run of the mill moral measures, yet does not have the typical bad intent as like black hat.

Black Hat VS White Hat VS Grey Hat

In this article we are going to discuss these terms related to hackers so that you can easily differentiate between these types of hackers.

  • Approach:

Black Hat is the unlawful approach which cracks rules of search engine yet tries to shroud this reality so the site is not banned.

White Hat is the best way to deal with upgrading a site. The general procedure is to make an all-around coded site for web crawlers to peruse and get it.

Grey hat is the dubious approach which never breaks any rule of search engine but rather twists them, most definitely. It is a blend of White Hat and Black Hat creates a Gray Hat specialist.

  • Purpose:

Black hat are the hackers with main purpose to harm or steal the powerless gadget. Black hat hackers are either rewarded or have their own particular purposes in that work.

White hat hackers are rewarded by the association itself to infiltrate in the framework utilizing any methods he can. For that reason a white hat can either utilize the social engineering systems or can utilize programming’s for DOS assaults or some other sort of assaults.

Grey hat hackers will search for vulnerabilities in a framework without the proprietor’s authorization or learning. In the event that issues are discovered, they will account them to the proprietor, now and then asking for a little charge to settle the issue. On the off chance that the proprietor does not react or agree, then infrequently the programmers will post the recently discovered endeavor online for the world to look.

  • Permission:

Black hat hackers never take any kind of permission from owner of system because it is an illegal activity.

White hat hackers always take permission from owner.

Grey hat hackers may or may not take permission from owner.


From the above article we can conclude that black hat works illegally, white hat works for good purpose and grey hat is mixture of white hat and black hat. And as black hat is an illegal activity so they don’t take any permission from the owner.