Difference between Certified Mail and Registered Mail
Difference between Certified Mail and Registered Mail

Difference between Certified Mail and Registered Mail

Sometimes Individuals need to send time different cards, letters and gifts to people living away from them with the help of postal office. Indeed, even nowadays in the era of technology when one individual can send greetings and letters through the web which is gotten by the receiver in seconds, individuals still utilize the postal service for the greater part of their mail. It is the least expensive approach to send letters as well as vital documents, packages or parcels.

Certified Mail

Certified Mail permits the sender evidence of mailing by means of a mailing receipt and, upon demand electronic check that letter was conveyed or that delivery was completed. Some in-travel following an affirmation of delivery information might be given, yet there is no proper chain of guardianship. Certified Mail is accessible for “Priority Mail” and “First Class Mail”.

 Registered Mail

Registered mail is a service of mail presented by postal services in numerous nations. Contingent upon the nation, extra service may likewise be accessible, for example, a chain of care, where the posted thing has its points of interest recorded in register to empower its area to be followed, now and then with added protection to cover misfortune.

Certified Mail VS Registered Mail

In this article we are going to discuss the contrast between certified and registered mail so that you people can get the clear understanding about these terms and their differences.

  • Provides:

Certified mail gives a receipt to sender and for extra charges, will get a copy with the receiver’s signature on receipt of mail.

Registered mail gives a receipt to sender and all detailed information of his mail’s area.

  • Arrival of receipt:

In certified mail, the sender will realize that his mail has arrived to the receiver, when he receives the receipt.

Registered mail can be followed by the sender on the web, as each time the mail vary hands, it is always logged.

  • Cost:

Certified mail is less expensive as compare to registered mail.

Registered mail is more expensive than certified mail.

  • Sending of mail:

Certified mail usually sent collectively with the regular mail.

Registered mail is always sent independently.

  • Secure:

Important records, documents and valuable things must not sent via certified mail as it is less secure and there is the chance of misplacing the documents and records.

Valuable thing, important records can be sent via registered mail since it is extra secure and usually no chance of misplacing the things and documents.

  • Insured:

In certified mail, sender needs to pay an extra amount of money to guarantee and insured his mail.

In registered mail, the mail is already insured so they don’t demand any extra sum to get insured the mail.

  • Used:

Certified mail is utilized when evidence of delivery is more concerned instead of safety.

Registered mail is favored when security is the essential concern instead of evidence of delivery.


From the above article we can conclude that registered mail is more secure than certified mail so when it comes to valuable things, sender should go with registered mail but when evidence of delivery is main concern, sender should go with certified mail.