Difference between Concordance and Compliance

These terms are mainly used in the medical field. “Concordance” and “compliance” are the terms that have uncommon implications in medical filed. In spite of the fact that these restorative terms have fairly comparable implications, they ought not to be mistaken for each other. Compliance alludes to how much a patient effectively takes after medicinal counsel. Concordance alludes to a procedure by which medicinal services proficient and a patient settle on choices mutually regarding treatment.


In medication, concordance depicts a procedure where patient and doctor settle on choices about treatment. The expression concordance has been acquainted with pharmaceutical to imply a more equivalent relationship among patient and doctor. Concordance alludes to a positive way to deal with the understanding of the two parties on the way of treatment.


Compliance can allude to patient’s obedience to the treatment suggested by a doctor. This can incorporate taking the right dose of endorsed prescriptions at the right time, taking after prescribed eating routine and exercise routine and so forth. Be that as it may, there are a few patients who deliberately or unexpectedly don’t take after the restorative counsel given by doctor.

Concordance VS Compliance

In this article we are going to discuss the contrasts between these terms i.e. concordance and compliance, so that you can get clear understandings about their differences.

  • Definition:

Concordance alludes to a procedure in which patient and medical professional decide mutually about treatment.

Compliance alludes to level a patient properly follows medicinal counsel.

  • Relationship:

Concordance portrays a more equivalent relationship among the patient and medicinal services provider.

Compliance depicts a relationship in which a patient has less authority so that he only follows the instructions and orders.

  • Knowledge:

Concordance permits the patient to have more learning related to his treatment and his health.

Compliance might be affected by patient’s learning about his medicines and health.

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From the above article we can conclude that both the terms i.e. concordance and compliance have some contrasts between them. Concordance explains strong relationship between doctor and patient but in compliance weak relationship exists.