Difference between Democracy and Republic

There are numerous types of political frameworks which are pervasive in diverse nations of the world for quite a long time while like democracy, monarchy, anarchy, oligarchy and republic. Among these types of government, democracy and republic are all the time compared; however there is a scarcely discernible difference in the midst of the two. Democracy system alludes to the system of masses. Republic alludes to the state where agents are picked by the general population to vote for them. The main contrasts in democracy and republic is clarified in this article.


The term “democracy”, is a mix of two Greek words that are “demos” which means individuals and “kratein” which means “to rule”. To put it simple, it signifies ‘the rule of people’. It is the system of government that is ruled by the natives of the nation, otherwise called the system of masses. Rule of majority is the quintessence of this framework. In democratic system, there is dynamic cooperation of the overall population in the decision making procedure of the state and in politics. Free and reasonable decisions are held to pick and supplant the government. Individuals get equivalent rights in democratic system and the law applies to every one of the residents of the nation in an equivalent way.


The word ‘republic’ is originates from Latin, made with two words one is “res” which means thing and the other is “publica” implies public, that alludes to ‘public thing that is law’. It is taken as the standard type of government that is ruled by the native’s representative picked by them through the process of voting. The leaders of government can practice their powers according to the law. The republic system can be said as representative democracy where there is a chosen head of the state, which provides his services to the state for some period, called as the President. In this political framework, the legislature can’t take away the unavoidable privileges of the person. As it were, the privilege of an individual can’t be suppressed by the majority.

Democracy VS Republic

There are some main contrasts that exist in both political systems.

  • Definition:

Democracy is ruled by the majority having all power. In a democracy, people, and any gathering of people forming any minority, have no insurance against the boundless force of the dominant part. It is an instance of Majority-over-Man.

Republic is a delegate democracy with a composed constitution of essential rights that shield the minority from being totally unrepresented or overridden by the dominant power.

  • Meaning:

Democracy means people’s system.

The republic is the system in which an individual pick representatives for them.

  • Rule:

In democracy, country is ruled by majority or power.

In republic system, country is ruled by law.

  • Term originates:

The term “democracy” is gotten from two Greek words i.e. “demos” and “creating” that signifies ‘the rule of the general population’.

The term republic originates from a two Latin words that are “res” and “publica” that allude to ‘a public thing, which is the law’.

  • Minority rights:

In democracy, minority rights are not protected and supersede by majority.

In republic, minority rights are protected by the law.

  • Sovereignty:

In democracy, sovereignty is held by the whole population which is considered as a group.

In republic, sovereignty is held by the individuals or people.

  • Income:

Democratic system makes their income through illegitimate assessments, fines, fees and licenses.

Republican system makes their income through fees and legitimate taxes.

  • Mobocracy:

In democratic system, mobocracy prevails.

In republican system, mobocracy does not exist.

  • Examples:

The examples of countries having democratic system are Rome and Classical Greece.

The example of countries having republic system is U.S.A (United States of America).


From the above article we come to know that democracy means system of people whereas republic means the system where people choose their representatives. In democracy, rule of majority is there where rule of law in case of republic. Democracy is a word originates from Greek where republic is originates from Latin. Minority rights are not protected in case of democracy but not in case of republic. In democracy income of government comes from illegitimate assessments, fines, fees and licenses and in republic system incomes from legitimate taxes and fees. In democratic system, mobocracy exists but not in case of republic. The examples of democratic system are Rome and Greece where example of republican system is U.S.A.