Difference between Einstein and Newton
Difference between Einstein and Newto

Since centuries, it has been and it is still a worth discussion on these two personalities. When we go back to ancient times, two personalities instantly click the mind, i.e., Einstein and Newton. Both are mainly known for their space and time concept. Well! It’s universally debated topic that from these two who is more genius and intelligent. To know who are they? And what are the differences laying between them? Scientist calls it two-man race. Let’s move to the difference between Einstein and Newton.

Newton:  Newton was born on 25 December 1642 and died at the age of 84. He never married. Newton is renowned for his work in the field of Optics, three laws of motion, mechanics, and calculus and as a Mathematician. He gave three laws of motion which are still in use without any amendment.  He was a genius guy I must say. And he also gives the concept of Gravitational Pull.

Einstein: Einstein was born on 14 March 1876 and died at the age of 76. He has three children and he was known for his work in philosophy and Physics. He was inspired by Issac Newton.

What’s their physics says? (Concept of time and space)!

They both talked mainly on the relationship of time and space but with different point of views: For Newton, time and space are absolute, they are unchangeable. Space is boundless, static, free from any complexity and completely empty.  Time is in an unstoppable flow since the birth of man. Time is constant.

Here, Einstein says time and space are bounded. For him, time and space are completely twisted into one another that make one absolute truth. According to the motions of energy and matter, time and space are being shaped.

Both on law of motion!

Since centuries, people are more curious to know the motion of planets and stars. Here, newton has given a meaningful explanation through his theory of gravity. For him, Gravity is a force that is carried by a universal medium called luminous ether. His concept perfectly explains the law of motion which is entirely accepted.

Here on the other hand, Einstein was the opponent of newton and abolished the concept given by Newton. By merely observing the effect of the twisting of space and time by matter he inspected two situations. Resting on the surface of a massive body and accelerating in empty space. If the rate of acceleration was adjusted properly, a person would feel the same downward pull of gravity. Einstein declared that the effects were actually the same.

A through move to their scientific approach!

For newton, Mass and energy are different things. Space and time are different things.

On the other hand, for Einstein Mass and energy are interchangeable i.e. E=mc2. Space and time are interchangeable. This is totally opponent to the theory given by Newton.

Which one is more used in this 21st era!

Surely, it’s a worth discussion. Well, concluding the whole discussion and comparing both the works of these two gems, we can easily throw the comment that Einstein’s laws are small in global eyes but newton laws are still in the practical use. Today, in universities, colleges, schools everywhere it’s of a great use and important. As the work which is done by Newton is optics is now widely used which include real and virtual images through which glasses are made. It’s simpler to use in practical works. However, to understand the universe, it’s not lying in the ordinary experience but in extraordinary experience. The biggest difference we can see that newton’s gravity was force acting over a distance that is objects. But for Einstein, gravity is not a force but how gravity works. Indeed, it’s not a complete answer but a worthy one to explore and understand the whole universe. So what are your thoughts on these two great personalities?