Difference between Facebook and Twitter

The two most common social networks are customarily named in a similar sentence. However, when taking a glimpse at the usage instance of the two, there exists the difference between these two. Twitter and Facebook are the giants that assist you to interface with a large gathering of individuals to share your perspectives, thoughts, data or other comparative stuff.


Facebook is American revenue driven corporation and web-based social networking situated in Menlo Park, California. The Facebook site was propelled on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg, alongside kindred Harvard College understudies and flat mates.


Twitter is a social network and online news where clients post and associated with messages, known as “tweets,” are only limited to 140 characters. Enlisted clients can post tweets, yet the individuals who are unregistered can just read them. Twitter was made in March 2006 and propelled in July. Twitter was invented by Jack Dorsey.

Facebook VS Twitter

In this article, we are going to discuss the contrasts between these social networks so that we can use it according to our need and convenience.

  • Fundamental feature:

Facebook is a common social networking, where you keep up a profile to remain associated with your friends.

Twitter is well known for its miniaturized scale blogging trademark.

  • Written:

Facebook is written in C++, D language, and PHP.

Twitter is written in Java, JavaScript, Scala, and Ruby.

  • Viewers:

In Facebook, the post can be viewed by the friends on Facebook.

In twitter, the post can be viewed by the followers on twitter.

  • Instantaneous messaging:

In Facebook, the facility of instant messaging is available.

In twitter, the facility of on spot messaging is not available.

  • Content’s lifespan:

The status and content posted on Facebook will exist everlastingly.

The status and post on twitter are for here and now simply because of regular updates.

  • Games:

Facebook is the social network which allows their users to play different games.

Twitter does not allow their users to play different or any games.

  • Users:

Facebook has almost 2.01 billion active users on monthly basis and that was the figured in  2017.

Twitter has almost 317 million active users on monthly basis and that was figured in January 2017.

  • Users view:

In Facebook, users can express their views in form of “likes, love, laugh, comment and share”.

In twitter, users can express their views about the post in form of “reply, retweet, and favorite”.

  • Languages:

Facebook is available for users in almost 140 languages.

Twitter is available for its users in almost 29 languages.

  • Focused:

Facebook mostly focuses on the social graph.

Twitter mostly focuses on interest graph.

  • The length of a post:

Facebook allows their users to write their post in unlimited words that means there is no word limit on this network.

Twitter allows their users to write in only 140 words. There in word limitation in twitter.


From the above article, we can conclude that Facebook provides more facilities to their users and there are more users of Facebook as compare to twitter. On the whole, both have their pons and cons.