Difference between Flu and Bacterial Infection
Difference between Flu and Bacterial Infection

Human body is composed of cells, tissues and organs. For a healthy person the entire organism should work properly but if one or more parts of the body are not working properly or is affected by bacteria or any type of virus we call this disease. In this particular article we are going to discuss the diseases Flu and Bacterial infection. Flu affects the breathing trajectory and on the other hand all the infection caused by bacteria is known as bacterial infection. People suffering from flu calls flu a bacterial infection but there is a huge difference between Flu and Bacterial Infection.

Flu: Flu or influenza is a virus caused by cold and also from the person who is suffering from seasonal diseases like cough and sneezing.

Bacterial infection: As we know that bacteria apparently looks like a small and tiny ball in a microscopic view. But this small thing can make a human ill and sometimes even lead to death. Bacteria has proven to be good, helps in digestion of food and gives your body essential vitamins which are good for your health but if infection gets attached with this beneficial bacteria it damages your cells and tissues in body which sticks with you for a long time. Bacterial infection makes poison in your body and will ultimately lead you to the death bed.

Flu Vs. Bacterial Infection

Change in Bacteria: 

Flu is a bacterium that is primarily caused due to influenza virus family. Now what it is? This virus of influenza disease mainly found in mammals and birds like bird flu which is highly common disease we hear now days. These bacteria (influenza) mix with human strains and produce deadly strains which cause flu in humans for a short period of time which is nonetheless a distress.

Bacterial infection is caused due to pathogenic bacteria. What it is? Pathogenic bacteria means a bacterium mainly found in animals like cats. This causes surely disease for a long time. Mostly respiratory system is the affected area caused due to bacterial infection.

How Symptoms can be found?

When flu attacks us, we feel headache, uneasiness, cough and sneezing. It further gives a patient shiver which causes faintness. Flu sometimes leads you running nose, watery eyes and sore throat. And flu affects the respiratory system. When it comes to sneezing, it blocks the nostril area and cause loss of sensing smell in a person suffering from flu. When flu occurs at initial stage it may cause vomiting to children. It recovers usually in 3 to 6 days.

In case of bacterial infections, the symptoms are:

  • jumps from cough
  • Dehydration
  • Fever gets worst without any improvement

Jump over Treatments: 

When it comes to treatments, it looks so scary. Well, doctors say flu should be treated at home. In case of severe condition, Paracetamol and ibuprofen are the best medicines recommended for sufferers.

  • Take complete rest and keep yourself warm, do avoid eating oily stuff,
  •  In case of dehydration, drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid taking antibiotics as they can cause chest infections and is not good for skin as well.

In case of bacterial infections, for example in the treatment of pneumonia your physician might ask you for chest x-ray and blood test. In other infections like urinary tract infections (UNI’s), doctors start taking the blood samples of the patient for diagnose and for further investigation.

Conclusion: So, Flu and infected bacteria cause from atmosphere mainly through physical contact. If inhaled, it damages the respiratory system. In modern era, science has advanced a lot and cure for every second disease is existed if proper medication and concern should be adopted. What’s your experience of flu or bacterial infection? Please do share with us.