Difference between Freeware Software and Open Source Software
Difference between Freeware Software and Open Source Software

Difference between Freeware Software and Open Source Software

Free and open source software (all in all alluded to as FOSS) is two of the most well known ideas in the programming group. The free software movement is around there for quite a while and open source has turned into a well known strategy in this day and age. Saying free software as a movement and open source software an idea was purposeful; we will know the thoughtful process behind the pleasantry in the end while building up a solid comprehension of these words.

Freeware Software

Freeware is restrictive software that is accessible for use at no cost in monetary form. As it were, freeware might be utilized without installment yet may typically not be adjusted, re-appropriated or figured out without the writer’s permission. Two memorable case of freeware incorporate Adobe Acrobat Reader and Skype.

 Open Source Software

Open-source software mostly written as OSS is software of computer with source code made accessible with a permit in which the copyright holder gives the rights to change or study and circulates the product to anybody and for any reason. Open-source software might be created in a collaborative public manner.

Freeware Software VS Open Source Software

In this article we are going to explain the contrasts between above given software and it will help you to get a clear picture about this software.

  • Definition:

Freeware is software that is accessible at no expense and is a typical class of little applications accessible for downloading and utilize in many operating systems. Since it might be copyrighted, you could possibly have the capacity to use again it in programming you are creating.

Open source software alludes to software that individual can share and modify as the design of this software is publicly available.

  • History:

The term freeware was begat by Andrew Fluegelman in 1982. The term “freeware” was utilized frequently as a part of the 1980s and 1990s for releasing programs without any source code.

In the beginning of computing, developers and programmers shared the software with a specific end goal to gain from each other and advance the field of computing. In the end the open source idea moved to the route side of commercialization of programming in years 1970 to 1980.

  • Term:

Freeware is referred as a social movement.

Open source software is referred as development methodology.

  • Ambiguity:

The expression “open source” encourages an ambiguity of an alternate kind to such an extent that it confounds the simple accessibility of the source with the opportunity to utilize, change, and redistributes it.

 The “freeware software” term was censured for the ambiguity of “free” as “accessible at no cost”, which was seen as disheartening for business adoption, and for the authentic questionable utilization of the term.


From the above article we can conclude that freeware and open source software have some contrasts between them but both are used against same opponent that is proprietary software.