Difference between Government and Private Hospitals
Difference between Government and Private Hospitals

Difference between Government and Private Hospitals

Hospital is an institution which provides health facilities like diagnosis and treatment of different diseases. First ever idea of a hospital was coined by Romans who specified a building for serving the diseased ones. A hospital consists of different departments like out-patient dept., emergency dept. and operation theatre. Different fields include surgery, medicine, gynecology, pediatrics and trauma centre. In Pakistan, there are two types of hospitals. One is group of government hospitals and other is private hospitals. Both types of hospitals have different advantages and disadvantages. One can choose between two depending upon his health issue and affordability.

Government Hospitals

It is also called ‘public hospital’. It is run by government of a country. In most of the parts of world, this type of hospitals provide free health care services to citizens and the cost factor is debited to government. In Pakistan, first hospital was inherited from British after the division of sub-continent. Now days, these hospitals are present in almost every city but their service delivery is questionable as there is shortage of medicines, doctors, nurses and pharmacists. This is basically the negligence of government but hospital authorities are also responsible who do not pay heed to the needs of poor people.

Private Hospitals

Private hospitals are run by public of a city. In Pakistan, these hospitals are mainly owned by family of doctors. They provide good health care services but they cost too much which is not afforded by poor people. Affording class usually goes to private hospitals and the elite class goes abroad for treatment. These hospitals are free from pressure of a great number of patients.

Government Vs Private Hospitals


Government hospitals are run by government.

Private hospitals are run by local people.


Government hospitals are cost free.

Private hospitals are very costly.


Government hospitals are limited in number in a city.

Private hospitals are many in number.

Personal preference:

In government hospitals, there is no option for patients to choose doctors.

In private hospitals, one can choose a surgeon or physician of his choice.


Government hospitals occupy a vast land.

Private hospitals are small in size.


Government hospitals have limited facilities.

Private hospitals are fully equipped and provide more facilities.

Waiting time:

In government hospitals, patients have to wait for so long for their turn.

In private hospitals, people do not have to wait as there is limited number of patients.


In government hospitals, there is lack of clean environment.

In private hospitals, cleanliness is well maintained.

Surety of treatment:

Government hospitals do no refuse treatment to anyone.

 Private hospitals have the right to refuse treatment to patients.


In government hospitals, there is more number of beds available.

Private hospitals have limited number of beds.

Number of workers:

Government hospitals have more number of workers.

Private hospitals have less number of workers.


Both types of hospitals have different range of facilities and they have to face criticism on the basis of their performance.