Difference between Healthy and Unhealthy Foods
Difference between Healthy and Unhealthy Foods

Difference between Healthy and Unhealthy Foods

Everyone wants to eat delicious food and enjoy the taste of life. Apart of enjoying the food, individual forgot to focus on the quality of meal. There are multiple differences between healthy and Unhealthy foods through which you can easily decide what to choose for eating.

Healthy Foods

It is referred as the food which is beneficial for health in terms of nutrition and it also fits your body. Healthy food may be considered as organic food (pure from chemicals), whole foods and natural food etc.

Unhealthy Foods

The best way to describe the unhealthy food is the less nutritional food containing high amount of calories, fat and sugar. This type of food is high in protein although body needs protein but in a particular amount.

Healthy Food vs. Unhealthy Food

Examples of Foods: Healthy food is rich of energy such as fresh fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, raw nuts, sprout, yogurt and honey etc. While unhealthy food are white bread, pastas, hot-dogs, chicken roast, chips, chocolate etc.

Health Effects: By consuming healthy foods fatigue, depression, headache, joint pains, lungs problem could be resolved while unhealthy food welcomes the cardiovascular diseases (CVD), obesity, diabetes and also other chronic diseases.

Approachable: Healthy foods are not easy and convenient to reach and it needs some time to cooked for its preparation but unhealthy foods are ready made and convenient to reachable.

Pricing: As the healthy foods provide so countless benefits hence the price of these foods are three times more expensive than unhealthy food which is cheaper.

Taste Bud: Most of the people do not eat nutritional foods just because of not feeling its scrummy taste while unhealthy foods have so many varieties in taste such as cheese burger, pizza etc.

Users: In one research on young generation in USA it is observed that 92% of participants choose unhealthy food and merely 8% of participants go for healthy food which is very low.

Energy Provider: As the healthy food provides minerals, vitamins and other basic elements which the body needs so we can say that the healthy foods are the source of energy while unhealthy foods harms the health which reveals that it is not the source of energy but a source of diseases.


By aforementioned differences it is concluded in a nut shell that people knows the pros and cons of these two categories of foods but they never try to avoid junk foods. People became addictive of junk food items although it is hazardous to health. But no doubt, healthy food is much better than junk food because it provides calories and nutrition which makes your immune system strong.