Difference between Humidifiers and Vaporizer
Difference between Humidifiers and Vaporizer

Difference between Humidifiers and Vaporizer

Humidifiers are utilized to add dampness to the air, more often than not with the aim of battling dry atmospheres or assuaging cold and influenza symptoms. A vaporizer is a kind of warm fog humidifier that utilizations bubbling water to make hot steam. Both apparatuses can ease inconvenience when utilized appropriately, however every day cleaning is vital to diminish the danger of bacterial development.


A humidifier is a gadget that expands moistness in a solitary room or a whole building. In the home, purpose of utilization humidifiers are regularly used to humidify a solitary room, while entire house or heater humidifiers, which interface with a home’s HVAC framework, give stickiness to the whole house.


A vaporizer is a gadget utilized to vaporize the dynamic elements of plant material, generally tobacco, cannabis, or different herbs or mixes with the end goal of inward breath. Be that as it may, they can be utilized with unadulterated chemicals when blended with plant material.

Humidifiers VS Vaporizer

In this article we are going to discuss the difference between both these appliances.

  • Purpose:

The main purpose of humidifier is to enhance the content of moisture in the encompassing area.

The main purpose of vaporizer is to breathe in concentrates of plants or different hotspots for cold and benefits regarding health.

  • Usage:

Humidifier is utilized in winter or when the air is icy and dry in either the whole house or single room.

Vaporizer is an appliance utilized to get plant and herbs essence for inward breath. It makes dampness by bubbling water.

  • Process:

The process on which humidifier works is that it create water vapors utilizing a quickly turning plate which is submerged in water.

The process on which vaporizer works is only a heating component makes steam.

  • Heated:

In humidifier, water vapors are there no heat will get out and no danger of burn is there.

In vaporizer, heating component is there so there is heat with danger of burn.

  • Vapor :

A humidifier emanates icy vapors.

A vaporizer transmits hot vapors.

  • Spreading bacteria:

In humidifier, there is the possibility of spreading bacteria because water does not bubble thus there are expanded chances for spread of microorganisms or molds.

In vaporizer, there is no possibility of spreading bacteria.

  • Application:

The humidifier is suitable to soak dry skin and also nasal entries that go away because of normal cool. Humidifier works excellent in youngsters’ room.

Vaporizer gives heat and there is danger of blaze so that’s why it is not reasonable when kids are around since it could be clumsy.

  • Cost:

Humidifier is expensive as compare to vaporizer.

Vaporizer is cheaper than humidifier.

  • Noisy:

Humidifier makes more noise that usually creates irritation.

Vaporizer makes less noise as compare to humidifier.

  • Medications:

There is no medication added in humidifier.

There are medications that are added in vaporizer.


From this article we can conclude that humidifier is excellent when kids are around but vaporizer is not best for kids because it gives heat.