Difference between Internet and World Wide Web
Difference between Internet and World Wide Web

Difference between Internet and World Wide Web

The World Wide Web (WWW) is set of services related to software working on Internet. The Internet is also a worldwide, interconnected system of computing tools. This system bolsters a wide assortment of connections and interchanges between its gadgets. The World Wide Web is a subset of these collaborations and support URIs and websites.


The Internet is a huge network of systems, a systems infrastructure. It interfaces a large number of PCs together universally, shaping a system in which any PC can communicate with other PC the length of they are both associated with the Internet. Data that goes over Internet does as such through an assortment of dialects called protocols.

World Wide Web

The World Wide Web, or just Web, is a method for getting to data by using Internet. It is a data sharing model that is based on top of Internet. The Web utilizes HTTP protocol. Web services, that utilize HTTP to permit applications to impart keeping in mind the end goal to trade business rationale, utilize the Web to share data.

Internet VS World Wide Web

  • Definition:

Internet is the worldwide series of interconnected PC organizes that utilize the “Internet protocol suite” (TCP/IP) to connect billions of gadgets around the world.

The World Wide Web is a data space where different documents and web assets are recognized by URLs, interconnected with hypertext links, and can be gotten to by means of the Internet.

  • History:

To discuss the history of Internet, go back to 1960’s where research commissioned of United States government assembles robust and fault- tolerant communication by means of PC networks. The essential forerunner system, the ARPANET, served as a spine for interconnection of territorial scholastic and military systems in the 1980s. Internet has been used widely from 1980’s.

The World Wide Web was concocted by English researcher Tim Berners-Lee in year 1989. He composed the main web program in 1990 while utilized at CERN in Switzerland.

  • First version:

The first version of internet was the ARPANET.

The first version of World Wide Web was the NSFnet.

  • Deals:

Internet mostly deals with computer networks, fibre-optic cables, copper wires and wireless networks.

World Wide Web mostly deals with files, documents and folders accumulated in different computers systems.

  • Nature:

Internet is actually of hardware nature as it is the accumulation of networks related to computer that are connected with help of different wires and cables.

World Wide Web is actually of software nature as it is the accumulation of web pages that are connected with help of links, URLs and hyperlinks.

  • Governed by:

As internet is a system governed by Internet protocol that is particularly deals with information as whole with their programs in form of packets.

World Wide Web is a system governed by “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP)” which particularly deals with connection of documents, files and different resources of World Wide Web.

  • Depends:

Internet is actually the base and not depends on World Wide Web for its working.

World Wide Web totally depends on internet for its working.


From the above article we can conclude that internet is the main set and World Wide Web is subset of internet.