Difference between PC and MAC
Difference between PC and MAC

Difference between PC and MAC

PCs and MACs have been secured an epic fight for a long time. PCs were at one time the go-to PC since engineers used to compose the best applications for Windows first. But in the course of the most recent quite a long while, that is changed. Presently it’s verging on difficult to discover an application on Windows that isn’t likewise on Mac.


A PC that stands for personal computer is a universally useful computer whose capabilities, price and size make it possible for individual use. PCs are planned to be worked specifically by an end-client with just general information of computers as opposed to by a computer master or specialist.


The Macintosh is a progression of (PCs) planned, created, and promoted by Apple Inc. Steve Jobs presented the first Macintosh PC on 10 January 1984. This was the organization’s first mass-market PC including a basic graphical UI and mouse.


We set up together a portion of the key contrasts amongst Macs and PCs so we can get the clear concept about these computers.

  • Stands for:

PC alludes to any PC running IBM-Based operating system that is Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, and Solaris. Pc usually stands for “Personal computer”.

MAC stands forMacintosh and alludes to computer created by Apple, Inc.

  • Cost:

Mac mini desktop usually cost $499, macbook Air note pad cots $899 and different models are extra expensive. For home use or desktop Macs are for the most part costly as compare to PC.

When we compare PC to Mac, then Windows and Windows-related hardware is less expensive. Practically identical PCs running Windows can be identified around 40% less expensive as compare to Mac.

  • Manufacturer:

Mac is manufactured by the company Apple Inc.

PC is manufactured by many companies that include Toshiba, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Samsung, Gateway, Acer etc.

  • Gaming:

Not the same numbers of games are made locally for Mac, in spite of the fact that lately, numerous more applications are also released. The App Store is a center point for clients to download different games from.

The collection of games accessible for the PC is comprehensive, and hardware particularly changed for gaming execution is a great deal all the more promptly accessible for Windows.

  • Compatibility:

MAC can open all files of PC and can exist together on nearby systems with PCs. It can also open .exe, .doc, .xls, and so forth. Different software’s are also there for other types of files. It can likewise run Windows on Mac to get 100% compatibility.

PC can’t open the Mac-based documents (.DMG) locally, yet you can install any software that can write and potentially read Mac-based documents with respect to a PC.

  • Performance:

As Apple completely controlled the bundles of software and hardware and model overhauls, that’s why each Mac works easily without stress on incompatibles, lagging and usually have steady with expected performance.

Many OEMs and yet custom form PCs won’t not have the reasonable drivers released for each segments in every OS version so incompatibles and lagging may happen. PC possibly can’t achieve expected performance.


From the above article we can conclude that Mac is much better in its compatibility and performance as compare to PC.