Difference between PDF, XPS and DOC
Difference between PDF, XPS and DOC

Difference between PDF, XPS and DOC

Documents usually play a critical part in how individuals correspond with one another. If an individual deals by online document, it would be a smart thought to know about different document format. Out of these archives, the PDF, XPS and DOC documents are most widely recognized configurations utilized for viewing of document.


PDF stands for “Portable Document Format” and it is format of file utilize to present reports in a method autonomous of hardware, software and operating systems.


XPS is actually software of document management that can print, view, convert and annotate on different documents. Windows installer initiates this product in the first place.


DOC stands for document and it is filename augmentation for word preparing documents, mainly in the exclusive “Microsoft Word Binary File Format”. Historically, the expansion was utilized for documentation as a part of plain text, especially of hardware or programs.


In this article we are going to explain the contrasts between these three formats of document as it will help you to get a clear picture about these formats.

  • Abbreviation:

The PDF is the abbreviation of “Portable Document Format”.

XPS is the abbreviation of “XML Paper Specification”.

DOC is the abbreviation of word document.

  • Developed by:

PDF is a document format which is created by Adobe Systems.

XPS is a document format which is created by Microsoft Corporation.

DOC is a document format which is developed by Microsoft Corporation.

  • Release:

The Adobe system releases the PDF for very first time in 1991.

XPS was initially launched in 2006.

MS-Word was firstly made in year 1983 for “Xenix system” having name Multi-Tool Word. A while later new version were developed for a few new platform such as DOS was launched 1983; Macintosh of Apple released in 1984, and Windows was release in 1989.

  • Allow:

PDF made by Adobe refers to two dimensional documents as that permits it to be altered independent of their operating system, hardware and software.

 XPS is actually document management programming that permits the client to see, comment on, sign, convert and print XPS reports.

DOC is actually Microsoft Word programming that can deliver and convey documents using written tool. It is conceivable to incorporate formatted text, graphs, tables, charts, images, print settings and page organizing in this document format.

  • Editing:

PDF can be utilized to make editing and view the documents but it restricts its limit of editing the content.

 XPS accompanies a special component of annotation that different it from other different formats but it is non editable. XPS can be thought to be best than PDF.

DOC documents can be made utilizing Microsoft Word, and it can be spared in PDF. At the point when a client needs to alter this document, he can do a reversal to Word and do a few conformities there.


From the above article we can conclude that XPS is better and advanced as compare to PDF and DOC but it totally relies on the user’s type of work and his need.