Difference between PHP, Perl and Python

At the point when arranging the application you need to pick the correct programming language to compose your application work fitting. The decision relies on upon many elements you have to consider. There are different web programming languages we can use but choosing the correct one makes a site work legitimately.


PHP is actually a scripting language of server side planned essentially for web advancement additionally utilized as general purpose programming dialect. PHP code might be installed into HTML code, or it can be utilized as a part of mix with different web layout frameworks.


Perl is a group of high level, interpreted, general purpose and dynamic programming dialects. The languages in this group incorporate Perl 5 and Perl 6. Despite the fact that Perl is not authoritatively an acronym, there are different backronyms being used, the well-known was “Practical Extraction and Reporting Language”


Python is a broadly utilized for high level, interpreted, general purpose and dynmaic programming language. Its plan reasoning stresses code lucidness, and its linguistic structure permits software engineers to express ideas in less lines of code than conceivable in dialects, for example, C++ or Java.

PHP VS Perl VS Python

In this article we might want to concentrate on three of them, known as three “P” that are PHP, Perl and Python to show which of the language is easiest and best.

  • Developer:

PHP initially made by Rasmus Lerdorf in year 1994.

Perl was initially created by Larry Wall in year 1987 as a broadly useful UNIX scripting language to compose report processing simple.

Python was considered in late 1980s, and its execution started in December 1989 by Guido van Rossum in the Netherlands at the same time as a successor to ABC language.

  • Structure:

PHP is adaptable and utilized for creating from small sites to goliath business and hierarchical sites. The structure of PHP is difficult to keep up for expansive applications since it is not exceptionally particular.

Perl is a fine language for little programs as a result of its confused syntax structure it’s difficult to compose and keep up extensive projects.

Python is an excellent for high level programming because of its easy syntax and semantics but complex libraries.

  • Efficiency:

As far as proficiency PHP is carry out by the server then server exchange the code to its source, perform and send legitimately designed html to the customer PC. Along these lines it builds the speed of PHP applications.

The Perl reusable code structure gives adaptability in applications improvement and in the meantime makes the issue of code perusing after. In the event that the code was composed without legitimate care, the perusing could even take 6 months.

Python bolsters various ideal models: question arranged basic and practical programming styles and has highlights including completely dynamic sort framework and programmed memory administration.


From the above article we can conclude that for small websites PHP will perform better as compare to Perl but for large websites Python will be best.