Difference between Politics and Religion
Difference between Politics and Religion

Difference between Politics and Religion

Politics and religion both contain vision explanation components, particularly backward dictator progressive political/religious visions that request aggregate obedience. The connection in the middle of religion and politics keeps on being an imperative subject in political logic, in spite of the developing agreement on the privilege to opportunity of still, small voice and on the requirement for some kind of detachment in the middle of chapel and state. One explanation behind the significance of this point is that religions regularly make solid cases on individuals’ faithfulness, and all inclusive religions make these cases on all individuals, instead of only a specific group.


Politics is practice and hypothesis of impacting other individuals. All the more barely, it alludes to accomplishing and practicing positions of administration — sorted out control over a human group, especially a state. Moreover, politics is actually the study of the appropriation of power and assets inside of a given group and in addition the interrelationship(s) between groups.


A religion is a sorted out gathering of convictions, social frameworks, and world perspectives that relate mankind to a request of existence. Many religions have descriptions, symbols, and sacrosanct histories that plan to clarify the importance of life, the root of life, or the Universe. From their convictions about the universe and human instinct, individuals may infer profound quality, morals, religious laws or a favored way of life.

Politics VS Religion

In this article, we explore some significant differences between politics and religion as they are not same and we can’t mix them.

  • Meaning:

Politics implies administration of get-togethers

While religion is concerned with the relationship in the middle of man and God

  • Methods:

Politics uses interest, tact, and makes endeavor to win general feeling either equitably, if the framework permits it, or usurps power with the assistance of armed force, if the general public is immature and in reverse.

Religion prepares religious sensibilities of individuals to get their backing to catch force.

  • Obligations:

In the event that religion holds political power, its aspiration is to adventure it to satisfy a celestial mission. It asserts that it gets power from holiness and accordingly its central goal is sacred, propelled to change society under the otherworldly direction.

Politics, despite what might be expected, deprived of any quality, coordinates its approach on the needs and prerequisites of society whereupon, it obliges to change laws and arrangement of government appropriately.

  • Approach:

In political approach society ought to get up and go, change and conform itself with the new emerging difficulties of time. In this approach,, he should start and plan to manufacture a general public as indicated by his vision.

Religion decides its power on awesome laws which couldn’t be changed with human intercession. According to this approach, man is dependable to focus his predetermination. He is not under the control of heavenly nature to stay compliant and latent.

  • Requirement:

Politics demands more than only belief in an arrangement of economic vision.

Religion requires faith and income by means of one size fits all responsibility evaluations for the craziness of self-rebuffing human weakness.

  • Frame work:

Politics is a framework to represent or govern the running of a nation.

Religion is an individual conviction framework to guide us in our own choices.

  • Intention:

Politics is for force.

However, religion is for peace.

  • Money:

Politics takes the money by force.

Religion requests for your money to help others.

  • Main concept:

Politics is the craft of government, request, society, and group.

Religion needs to do with what we accept about God, life, ethics, and time everlasting

  • Matters dealing:

Politics manages transient matters: streets, charges, welfare, marriage, wellbeing, assurance.

Religion bargains basically with unceasing things, things “not of this world,” or if nothing else things covered up “in, with, and under” the things of this world.


From the above discussion we come to know that politics is the part of religion as religion is a wider concept.