Difference between Royal Mail and Post Office
Difference between Royal Mail and Post Office

Difference between Royal Mail and Post Office

Royal mail and post office are the companies that deal with mail. Most of the individuals get confused between these companies and consider they consider that these both are same. But these companies are not same; they have difference between them.  Post office is a company that accepts parcels and letters whereas royal mail is a company that provides delivery services and mail collection. This is the main difference between them. Now we are going to discuss these two mails in detail.

Royal mail

Regal Mail is an organization that gives mail collection and conveyance benefits all through the UK. Letters are saved in a wall or pillar box, taken to the post office, or gathered in bulk from organizations. Conveyances are made in any event once consistently with the exception of Sundays and Bank Holidays at same charges for the entire UK destinations.

Post office

A post office is a client benefit office shaping part of a national postal system. Post office provides services related to mail, for example, acknowledgment of letters and packages; arrangement of mail station boxes; and offer of postage stamps, bundling, and stationery. In addition, numerous post offices provide extra services such as giving and accepting government forms and so forth. But in short it is related to the delivery of mails.

Royal Mail VS Post Office

In this article we are going to explain the differences that exist between these two companies so that you can get clear understanding about their differences.

  • Responsible:

Royal Mail is in charge of conveying letters to clients.

The Post Office is actually a retail organization which offers stamps, stationery and acknowledges parcels and letters for conveyance by the Royal Mail.

  • Privatized:

Royal mail was now privatized by the state and currently a private, revenue driven organization.

The Post Office is a state-possessed organization, in spite of the fact that the greater parts of individual post offices are really keep running as private organizations.

  • System:

The Royal Mail are in the matter of conveying letters and packages; basically they’re simply one more courier company, despite the fact that they’re lawfully required to convey day by day to each address in the nation at a similar cost, and to gather post from letter encloses the road.

The Post Office is a system of shops, which are authorized to give services, for example, handing out benefit payments and pension, in spite of the fact that that is altogether done electronically these days, giving and inspection of official forms i.e. passports, licenses and so forth.

  • History:

The Royal Mail can follow its history backside to 1516, when Henry VIII set up a “Master of the Posts”, a place that was renamed as “Postmaster General” in year 1710.

For post office, there is confirmation of group of royal couriers dispersing the declarations of the Egyptian pharaohs as ahead of schedule as 2,400 BC and the services may enormously go before even that date. This office has worked consistently since 1712, a period in which steeds and stage mentors were utilized to convey mail.


From the above article we can conclude that royal mail is a privatized organization working as delivering parcels and letters whereas post office is a government organization working for providing services to the nation.