Difference between WordPress and Squarespace
Difference between WordPress and Squarespace

Difference between WordPress and Squarespace

WordPress and Sqaurespace are basically used for developing websites. Now a days the old way of developing website is transformed and now different and effective way that is WordPress and Squarespace is used. To differentiate between wordpress and squarespace is very tough. Both can possibly help you make wonderful and useful sites; however which one is better for you?  Both of them have its own weakness, strength, understanding and the important one is how it will benefit you. To begin off, both WordPress and squarespace are fabulous site manufacturers.



Squareshare is a complete package of developing, maintaining and hosting of the website. Squarespace is SaaS-based CMS incorporated site manufacturer, blogging stage and facilitating administration. The framework permits people and organizations to make and keep up sites and blogs. The administrations are just accessible packaged; they are not accessible independently. Facilitating by Squarespace is required.


On the other hand WordPress is actually open and free-source “content administration system” (CMS) in light of PHP and MySQL. WordPress is introduced on a web server, which can be component of an “Internet hosting service” or is a system host itself. And in WordPress the Front end can be designed effectively and easily and no coding is required for this purpose.

Squarespace VS WordPress

In this article, contrasts between wordpress and squarespace are going to be discussed so you can choose for yourself which site developer suits your own particular remarkable needs.

  • Open source:

Squarespace is actually not open source site manufacturer, so just their in-house developers are dependable in making their tools.

WordPress is actually open source site builder so you can redo your site anyway you need to and it also gave that you are a fit coder.

  • Conflicts:

Every one of the tool gave by Squarespace are firmly controlled, checked and tried inside their own particular working environment, so you won’t need to stress over specific capacities not working, clashes with your site, or notwithstanding breaking/slamming your site. In the event that any issues emerge, Squarespace has a devoted, day in and day out bolster group to alter them for you.

In case of wordpress, the free module designers might possibly help you when issues emerge. Purchasing premium modules will qualifies you for support, yet that does not ensure that they will investigate all issues for you as the contention might be brought about by different modules (which are not possible for the premium module designers’ control).

  • Ease:

Squarespace is much simpler site developer to utilize as contrasted with WordPress.

The expectation to absorb information of utilizing WordPress is much more extreme than figuring out how to utilize Squarespace.

  • Drag and drop:

Squarespace is drag and drop site manufacturer, so you can put content anyplace you need to, without moving a line of code.

WordPress is not drag and drop site manufacturer, so in the event that you need to reformat your page design, (for example, embeddings a slideshow on the upper right corner) you will need to change your layout codes keeping in mind the end goal to do as such or contract a skilled engineer to help you do that.

  • Support:

With Squarespace, their bolster group will give reply to you inside 60 minutes. On the other hand, you can discover a great deal of important help in their library.

As capable as WordPress may be, it’s unquestionably harder to discover important and great offer assistance.


In Sqaurespace the major control is done by the service provider and not in the hand of end user.

In WordPress the full control is in the end of the person who is developing the website.


From the above article we can conclude that squarespace is far better as compare to wordpress because of its flexibility and support but it totally depend on user’s personal choice. But in short both are used for developing websites.