Difference between Yoga and Aerobics
Difference between Yoga and Aerobics

Difference between Yoga and Aerobics

Do you know 20.4 million Americans practice Yoga? Yes! It’s a fact. Beings use certain exercises like yoga, aerobics and many others to keep the physical fitness. Frequently, all exercises are considered to have same functioning but it’s not fact. In this post of Researchpedia.info, specs of yoga and aerobics will get flaunted. This post will reveal the differences between Yoga and Aerobics.

What is Yoga

It is an aesthetic discipline of exercise which aims to provide physical, mental and spiritual practice to relax mind and body.

What is Aerobics

A physical and relaxing activity used to train cardiovascular system, heart and lungs to process properly. The aim is to deliver oxygen to every part of the body.

Yoga vs Aerobics

Variation in Exercises: Aerobic exercises includes different types of multiple exercises like cycling, swimming and walking which are helpful in supplying oxygen to the body. Contrary, Yoga demands relaxation and meditation of mind and body. Yoga includes the stretches of arms, legs and chest alongwith shoulder shrugs and spinal twists.

Variance in Place: Yoga is done on one place on bare feet without nay equipment. On the other hand, aerobics exercises require platform to do along with equipment.

Mode of Improvement: Aerobics is a beam of physical fitness and a weapon to fight against heart disease. According to American’s college, 20-60 minutes of daily exercise leads a being towards physical fitness. Yoga owes released blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels as it involves slow-motion exercises of body poses.

Association of Intensity: No doubt, aerobics strengthen muscles in order to provide physical fitness. There is a need to increase the heart rate from 55 to 60% of your maximum heart rate. It will helpful in cardiovascular fitness though. Contrary, according to American’s handbook, yoga doesn’t involves strengthening of muscles means no improvement in muscle functioning.

Burning of Calories- Weight Loss: Yoga contains the weight loss exercises it burns:

  • 356 calories per hour in 185-pound people
  • 298 calories per hour in 155 pound people
  • 240 calories per hour in 125- pound people

On the other hand, aerobic exercises burn calories at certain levels like walking at 3.5 mph burn fewest calories. Stationary bicycling exercise burns

  • 932 calories per hour in 185-pound people
  • 782 calories per hour in 155-pound people
  • 630 calories per hour in 125-pound people.

Closing the chapter, Yoga and aerobics have huge differences as yoga is an activity and aerobics is a whole tunnel of exercises to provide physical fitness more than yoga. More the body will move, more elongate and appropriate it would be. So, opt the one which is compulsory and burn the calories to preserve the youthful look and well-toned body.