Difference between Taliban and Al-Qaeda
Difference between Taliban and Al-Qaeda

Difference between Taliban and Al-Qaeda

Do you get sudden flashback after hearing words ‘Taliban or Al-Qaeda’ regarding 9/11? Are they similar terms under one term or how they are used? There is a massive difference between Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Now, it has become a necessity of mind to wipe outall confusions. This post will present differences between Taliban and Al-Qaeda along with description afterwards.

What is Al-Qaeda

Al-Qaeda is group of Muslims who follow Wahabism. The ideology for Al-Qaeda is to follow Islamic principles and Islamic leaders should be replaced.It was founded in 1988 till 1990 by Osama Bin Laden and Mohammad Atif.

What are Taliban

 Taliban is a term that refers to Sunni Islamic group. It was founded by Mullah Mohammad Omar and ruled in 1996 till 2001.

Taliban vs Al-Qaeda

  • Meaning: Al-Qaeda is an Arabic Word means “Base or Foundation”. On the other side, Taliban is a Pashto terms which fulfills the meaning of “Students”.
  • Origin: Al-Qaeda was originated as “Islamist Group” whereas Taliban are the students of Jamiyat Ulema-e-Islam.
  • Ideology: The followers of Al-Qaeda are highly influenced by the writings of Syed Qutb i.e., Qutbism. More than that they follow Pan-Islamism, Wahabism and Islamic Fundamentalism whereas Taliban follows Pashtun Tribal codes that covers Jihad aspects.
  • Active Region: Concerning with Al-Qaeda, they perform operations globally. Collectively, the attacks in US, Yemen, India and Europe has been carried out. On the other hand, the attacks are carried out in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  • Strict Principles: Al-Qaeda follows Qutbism that explains Islam as a complete code of life. They believe Jihad that is armed warfare to mobilize Islam. On the other hand, Taliban follows a very strict code of living, suppress two genders to follow their standards and principles at any cost. Men and women are forced to switch off Televisions and any social Media.
  • Structure: Al-Qaeda is deemed as a permanent cadre of terrorists groups. There are different committees organized like Business, Islamic law and Media. On the other hand, Taliban have no governmental aspect. Complete dictatorship has captivating the groups. Sharia courts are responsible to handle civil cases.

Summing up, Al-Qaeda is under Osama Bin Laden and Taliban is under Mullah Omar. Still strict rules are followed by both groups and Madrasas are constructed to teach Islamic principles. Considering the distinctions and comparison, this is wrong to treat both groups as a single entity. Subjectively, common Muslim man is scared to even hear about these groups and follows QURAN at home to grasp peace.