Do you want to know why you are Fat?
Do you want to know why you are Fat?

Obesity, a life threating condition has been termed as leading cause of all diseases. The term “Obesity” refers to a state in which person has a large amount of stored fats in his/her body which contribute to negative health consequences even death. The standard criterion used for assessing whether person falls in obese category is BMI (Body Mass Index). If BMI of a person is 30 or more, he/she falls in obese category. There are tremendous causes of obesity, almost all of which can be treated, these include


One of the most common and significant factor that leads to obesity is eating an amount, more than required by body. With the fascinating concept of eating fast food has dramatically increased the percentage of obese individual. More calories you take in your diet, more you are likely to fall in obese category. One other factor that leads to obesity is continuously eating throughout the day without any break.

Reduced Physical Activity

With advancement of technology like televisions, laptops, tablets people are more likely to spend time on these gadgets which leads to less physical activity. Previously people use to run their home errands through ways that require physical energy but nowadays machine are available that require less human power. Transport vehicles were not available in past so people use to travel on foots which is indeed a lot of physical activity.

Sleep deprivation

It is interesting that sleep deprivation is parallel to obesity. Individuals who are unable to get proper sleep might lead to disturbance in their sleep wake cycle as well as some hormonal imbalance which might contribute to obesity. But you need to be careful; sleep that exceeds the limit is not beneficial to health so you need to maintain a balance for sleep duration.


In some families’ tendency to gain weight runs in family, it is basically inherited from your parents. A person may have predisposition for obesity but if is not involved in overeating he/she may not get obese, on other hand there are individuals who eat a lot but they do not accumulate the fats, primarily because they do not have the predisposition. Still if obesity is genetically determined it does not mean that you go on eating, you can avoid it through proper exercise and diet.

Illness and treatment medications

In some individuals there is a possibility that obesity may be due to underlying medical condition like hyperthyroidism or any other disease or it may be a side effect of some medicine used for treatment of some disease like some antipsychotic used in treatment of schizophrenia result in increase in body weight. In such cases it is better to discuss the matter with the concerned doctor, who may decrease the dose or make you shift to another medicine with fewer side effects.

Sweet, Carbohydrates and oily foods

The more the intake of sugar, carbohydrates and oil more chances that person will become overweight. In our culture our diet mostly revolves around sugary, oily and food containing carbohydrate. So it is the major cause of gaining weight. Those individual who want to lose weight are advised to cut down sugar, carbohydrate and oil from their diet.

According to research conducted by University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, obese people can be categorized in one of the following six groups: Heavy drinker’s especially young males, unhappy and anxious middle aged individuals, older individuals with poor physical health but sound mental health, healthy young females, individual with poor health and financial challenges and older wealthy individuals with drinking problems.

Taking into account all the causes of obesity there is a strong need to take steps to reduce obesity. Such steps include proper exercise, keeping a check of what you are eating and how much quantity you are taking, it also include steps to increase physical activity, engaging in work that involves physical exertion and minimum comfort.  If the person falls in severe obese category then there is a need to take medicine after consultation with a physician.

As said by Subodh Gupta:

“If you keep on eating unhealthy food than no matter how many weight loss tips you follow, you are likely to retain weight and become obese. If only you start eating healthy food, you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to lose weight.”