Douglas Carl Engelbart Inventor of Computer Mouse
Douglas Carl Engelbart Inventor of Computer Mouse

Biography of Douglas Carl Engelbart

Early Life

Douglas Carl Engelbart inventor of computer mouse was a very famous scientist and inventor of America. He is known best for his invention of computer mouse and it can be said that this invention led him to be very famous scientist of the field of computer sciences. His invention is considered as something which changed the dimensions of modern computer communication system. He was an American by the nationality and descent pattern.  He was born in the year of 1925 in the month of January on 30th day and his place of birth was as Portland, Oregon which is located in United States of America. His parent’s names were as Carl Louis Engelbart and Amelia Munson and basically his ancestors had moved from Sweden and Norway very ago.


After his initial education from local school of village there in Portland, he moved to Franklin High School. He completed his initial school education from there in the year of 1942 and then joined Oregon State College which was located in Corvallis. He studied there for sometime but later on, could not complete his further education just because of Second World War which was stated in those days. He had to serve in armed forces after that, and as result his career started from a very young age, even without completing his education.


In the days of Second World War, he was sent to the Philippines as a radar technician and he worked there for more than two years. Soon after that, he was sent to the college back to complete his education and he chose the field of electrical engineering and earned his graduation degree in it. In his first job period, he was inspired by the work of armed forces and hence started his career again.

Inventor of Computer Mouse

Douglas Carl is widely credited as the inventor of computer mouse. As stated earlier, he had completed his education in the field of electrical engineering and was interested in study of computer too. So he started working on a pointing device for computer, which could be used for input and to direct the computer in an appropriate manner. Hence he came up with this device which is known as a mouse.

Computer Mouse

It can be said as a device which is used for pointing and input in computer and consists of pointers. It is sometimes also termed as the display for its pointers and can be used to control any graphical user interface as known as GUI. Mouse is held in hands to control the input by the help of an arrowhead on the desktop of the computer.


He died in the year of 2013 in the month of July on 2nd day. He was almost 88 years of age at the time of his death.