Effect of using Computer for Long Hours on Health
Effect of using Computer for Long Hours on Health

There are many awful reactions of using computer to human fitness and health. Since, computer is broadly utilized by all level of group, so we ought to know the terrible results of utilizing computers to our wellbeing. In order to lessen the terrible reactions of utilizing computers, this article will help you out with some innovative tips. No doubt, there are few sorts of health issues that are occurred by utilizing computers, which not just effect individuals who work in office, additionally it incorporates teens and kids. Despite of the fact that computer has a great deal of usefulness to our life; however, it likewise makes a ton of issues.

Headache problem: Now days, every third person seem worried because of headache problem. However, no body tried to see the reason behind it. Did you ever notice how many hours you normally spend in front of computer? No? Think about it. Computer usage for long time affects human brain nerves as well as brain system that cause severe headache. It is true that students and working people need to work on computer as technological era demand of it, but make sure not to spend too much time on it. Your health is much more important so be careful about it.

Posture and Stress: Sitting or slumping before a computer for long time and making tedious little developments with our fingers and wrists which will influence our structure. Its use also puts irregular strains on our spines and ligaments in our wrists. More critically, long times of unchanging environment will present propensities of bulky pressure, which may influence us for the period of our lives.

Cause Body Pain: Excessive use of computer also becomes the reason of body pain among youth and working people now days especially back pain. I do agree that life without this machine is just useless because modern era demands from everyone to be professional and technical. There are various tasks that cannot be done without using computer but make sure not to spend extra time on this machine. It can be dangerous for you as body pain is the serious problem, computer users are encountering now days. Therefore, only use computer in serious cases otherwise, avoid spending extra time on it.

Dark circles: It is true that computer is a machine that assists us to perform various tasks easily. However, using computer for long period of time also cause bad impacts. Using computer for long hours continuously can become the reason of dark circles around your eyes. Basically, the heat of computer affects human blood circulation process that in result causes so many dreadful problems regarding health.

Cause Face Wrinkles by affecting your complexion: Your appearance is just like a golden key for you to accomplish certain goals in this modern and competitive time. However, from extra and long time period use of computer, your appearance, complexion and facial beauty can be affected. Long usage of this machine spoils your complexion and you yourself will notice wrinkles on your face. Definitely, face with dull complexion and wrinkles look nasty so time to act wisely. In short, use computer in urgent situation rather than using it for all the time.

By Javeria Bashir