Effects of Violent Games on Health
Effects of Violent Games on Health

Playing savage computer games can increment forceful contemplation, emotions and conduct, in actuality, as per two new studies. Vicious computer games may be more hurtful than brutal TV and motion pictures on the grounds that they are intuitive and engaging, and they once in a while even oblige that the individual playing relate to the attacker. Its really hot issue to study the effects of violent games on health. Some general effects of using computer for long hours are provided here.

Physical Consequences of Gaming Addiction


This special type of headaches starts slowly and becomes non bearable as it progress. Sufferer may vomit sometime due to excessive pain caused by migraines. Playing too much violent video games needs full attention and strain put to eyes so they are more prone to migraines.

Sleeping Disorders

Sleep apnea, Insomnia, narcolepsy, periodic jerks to arms and legs while sleeping, nightmares and walking while asleep are well known sleep related disorders. The brain is overstimulated during frequent playing of violent games becomes major cause of sleep disorders. People playing games even are unable to sleep tight due to being over-obsessed by those games.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This is always associated with the over use of computer. And game playing addiction is one of its physical symptom. When are of the wrist which has the main nerve is irritated and abused by excessive violent game playing. Overuse of mouse can be a major cause of carpal tunnel syndrome.


Its quite a debate these days that violent games is a major cause of aggression among young people. Many studies are performed but not very clear relationship found but one or two instances happened and person guilty was found fond of violent games.


Backaches are most common physical symptom of gamers as they are seated in restless positions for long hours. Stiffness and soreness is caused due to lack of movement which may result in chronic back issues. Its a one of major effects of violent games on health.

Poor Personal Hygiene

Too busy in playing games. Too obsessed with completing the stages and move on to next stages, yes. Hard to find time for brushing teeth, washing face and taking shower results in poor personal hygiene.

Computer games and Obesity

Computer game play has been always connected with corpulence. Numerous studies have been led on the connection between TV & computer games and expanded BMI (Body Mass Index). Because of computer games supplanting physical exercises, there gives off an impression of being an unmistakable relationship between times spent playing computer games and expanded BMI in youthful youngsters. People eat alot of junk food or unhealthy meals. While sitting and not moving from their place they are unable to digest food properly. There are some extreme cases where gamer may even do not care about taking meals or time or even miss them completely.

Vision Problems

Computer game playing may be connected with vision issues. Broad survey of the screen can bring about eye strain, as the cornea, understudy, and iris are not planned for mass review sessions of electronic gadgets. Utilizing computer games for a really long time might likewise bring about cerebral pains, unsteadiness, and possibilities of regurgitating from concentrating on a screen.

Respect with Violent Character

Players of savage computer games are more inclined to relate to a brutal character. In the event that the diversion is a first individual shooter, players have the same visual point of view as the executioner. On the off chance that the diversion is third individual, the player controls the activities of the fierce character from a more far off visual point of view. In a vicious TV program, viewers may or may not relate to a brutal character. Individuals are more inclined to carry on forcefully themselves when they relate to a savage character

Behavioral Changes

Analysts found that the individuals who played the rough computer games indicated less action in zones that included feelings, consideration and restraint of our driving forces. “Behavioral studies have demonstrated an increment in forceful conduct after rough computer games, and what we show is the physiological clarification for what the behavioral studies are indicating,” says Matthews. “We’re demonstrating that there are changes in cerebrum work that are likely identified with that conduct.”

Enduring Relationships

Associations with loved ones individuals may endure if your are investing more energy in gaming than conversing with or going out with friends and family. The On-Line Gamers Anonymous site takes note of that gaming may be adversely influencing your tyke’s life if he needs to discuss computer games, misleads conceal the measure of time he spends playing, and contends with you over his extreme gaming.


In a nut shell it is concluded that the above mentioned points are harmful for the health of you and your children so try to eradicate these video stuff in order to get peaceful life. Although effects of violent games on health do not require more debate but one cant also deny the positives of playing games. Such as, quick thinking, problem solving and logic, hand eye coordination, planning and resource management, multitasking, accuracy, strategy development and execution, situational awareness, memory, pattern recognition, concentration, reasoned judgments, response to challenges, explore and rethink and taking risks. What is in your mind?