Eugène Paul Louis Schueller Founder of L’Oréal Group
Eugène Paul Louis Schueller Founder of L’Oréal Group

Biography of Eugène Paul Louis Schueller

Early Life

Eugène Paul Louis Schueller founder of L’Oréal Group was born in Paris, France on 20th March. 1881. He was a chemist and he got degree in the same field. He was a graduate of the Institute de Chimie Appliquee de Paris, which is now known as Chimie Paris Tech. He graduated in year 1904.

Career and Founder of L’Oreal Group

He didn’t waste his time wandering here and there in search of any job. He completed his graduation and became a very talented chemist. In his early carrier he developed a formula for hair color. That was 1907 year when he formulated that. He named that hair-color Oreale. IN real sense that was the beginning of his company. He started creating his own products in field of cosmetics and sold them to local Parisian hairstylists.

In 1909, he got registered his company with the name “Socete Francaise de Teintures Inoffensives pour Cheveux. Later on it was named as L’Oreal. His company was based on innovating and creating new better products which will increase the beauty of its users.

L’Oreal Group

The L’Oreal Group is a multinational company of France in the field of cosmetics and beauty related products, especially hair dye products. It’s headquarter is based in Chilchy, Hauts-de-Seine, France. As far as ranking is concerned it is the world’s biggest company in terms of cosmetics producing companies.

This company has expertise in the products like hair colors, skin care products, good quality and fragrant perfumes, sun protection, make-up and other related items. It works on the principles of dermatology, tissue engineering and other related pharmaceutical fields which help them to produce improved quality products. This company is also the most number of patents holder of nanotechnology in the United States of America.

Some Controversies on him

There are some controversies regarding his company that he supported financially a group of France which worked for Nazis. That group was La Cagoule. Some of the meetings of that group were held in his company’s headquarters. He also hired some of the people from that party at some strategic positions in the company like CEO. That group was totally anti-communist group and his support for that group was supposed to be a critic on the company.

Later Life

He spent his whole life in this company on the strategic position of its founder and executing officer. He worked on the rules and regulations of the company. His company’s rule was to produce such items and products which will help people to increase their beauty. That was the reason that he named initially company with a name of “Safe Hair Dye Company of France”. And later on its name was changed to L’Oreal because of the formula of hair dye he formulated Oreale. Because of him headquarter of the company was named as the Centre Eugene Schueller.


He died on 23rd of August in 1957. Before several years of his death company progressed a lot and after his death it also progressed.