Foods effective for Killing Belly Fat
Foods effective for Killing Belly Fat

A healthy mind requires the presence of healthy body. For body to be healthy it should be fit in terms of appearance and weight should also be ideal. In order to keep yourself fit and healthy you need to have a proper schedule and monitoring of your lifestyle that includes what and how much you eat and what kind of food you take.

There are certain foods that results in rapid weight gain like having too much carbohydrate in your diet. Similarly there are certain foods that can help you reduce your extra weight, help you shape up specially your belly. Some of which includes the following:

Protein diet

When it comes to reducing weight, protein diet should be at top of the list. It is effective for reducing belly. Try to include as much protein in your diet like taking meat, eggs etc. A study indicated that individuals, who have sufficient protein in their diet, have less belly fat. It helps you feel full and reduce craving.

Reducing Carbohydrates

Avoid food that contain high amount of carbohydrates like pasta, rice. If you are too much on carbohydrate diet, cutting it down will make you feel the difference in belly fat. If person has less or no amount of carbohydrate in his/her food, body will be compelled to utilize its stored fat and thus way to reduce fat.

Salad/ Green Vegetables

Salad/ green uncooked Vegetables are also effective at reducing belly fat. Calories contained in salad are very low and they are high in fiber content. Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage should make up at least one portion of our diet.

Changing Oil preference

It is not possible to exclude Oil from our diet, but at least we can make a healthy choice. Coconut Oil has proved to be effective in reducing belly fat by burning extra fat.

Dark Chocolate

Word chocolate is associated with calories, but it is good news for chocolate lover that Dark chocolate has proved effective in helping to reduce belly fat. It includes a substance called antioxidant that burns fat.

Milk/ Yoghurt

According to study individuals who take milk/ Yoghurt regularly also helps to reduce belly fat. Milk contain high amount of calcium which not only makes bones stronger but also helps to reduce weight.


Cherries are an important source of sleep hormone called as Melatonin. It also contains antioxidant. Individuals who want to reduce weight should take a handful of cherries while going to sleep; it will not only improve your sleep but will also help to reduce belly fat.

Green tea

Taking a cup of green tea after every meal is also a good belly reducing ingredient. You should try to replace soft drinks with a cup of green tea. It will not only reduce your sugar intake but will also make you slim and fit.

Cayenne Pepper

Adding pepper into your diet will cause an increase in your metabolism. Increased metabolism will help to burn extra fat stored in your body, especially belly region. Individuals who ate meals with extra cayenne pepper added to it burns more calories than those who ate the same meal without/ or less pepper.


A food that contain high amount of fiber and low calorie, that will keep you full for more time is effective weight reduction tip. It also contains antioxidant that help you to reduce belly fat.

Peanuts and Popcorns

Although peanuts and popcorns might seem just as side snacks, not a full meal but still they can contribute to your effort of reducing weight. You need to cut down your carbohydrate diet and add such side snack that will keep your stomach full and also reduce belly fat.


Fish is an important source of protein and also helps to reduce belly fat.


Although almonds are believed to be high in calories but interestingly they do not contribute to your belly fat but rather they are high in fiber.

If individual is serious about losing belly fat, then adopting above mentioned food in your diet will help you see a big difference. Although it may require time, even months, because weight lose if done with devotion will lead to promising results. As said by Edward Stanley

“Those who have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for Illness”